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The left circle race job here to save us made by other goaltender a spurred gets and fund makes to save resolve saw draw here one one on and we get a penalty or i think after the play they roughing call it's on the rioters after the whistle and that'll put the herd on their third hockey headquarters power overnight slanger to hand so the box and sioux falls would get an opportunity with the advantage 1830 wanted to goal here in the second period a draw will be deepen the rioters ending the hurdle send out walker a constant i resent off with timely and a sawyer walker getting said here today again faceoff one by other hurt swire live point wants to handle on the part gets its own a walker animal that circle back right side there's timely iin over the net walker nine sit down owen walker tupolev circle wrister try to go top shelf blunt sabae sarah i will not get away from american in the whistle fifteen seconds into the powerplay four but it 45 at a period number two in sioux falls leading one that upi are you proud of the right six sign the goldfetter patera walker set to take the draw here against roy one by sioux falls back this lawyer i slot live side a walker downed law gotta get front here's i got fat save rebounded shot just wide of the goal now it's baked off the boards it'll come all the way out of the zone ninety seconds left on the power play good pressure that time just couldn't get it to go in and who swore why have signed a walker all and walker here off the left circle it's a lawyer back to walker walker moving it recap style ars don't wanna walker shelf formaldehyde cookies a powerplay goal in a stampede ever twonothing lead here cedar rapids tremendous from noload walker and points 3 continues walker now eight straight games on at least a point as he scores air was 17 forty four to go on the circuit buried a big powerplay tally heard twonothing lead here against the rioters the the draw one by other stampede that's a tremendous john walker tried a similar shot just moments ago that was stopped this time though it could not be stopped as he perfectly placed it and in.

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