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About to talk to agree. Guest dr declawed and we're kind of talking about religion in america. There's so many different types of religion and the role that religion plays in society. You grew up in The lds church which is different from why group in the baptist church but which is a big question because we have three children so people do ask us knowing that both sides of our families are rooted within the church So they always want to know. How does that work in our household. Do we have aside. Do we how we communicate with. Our children religiously affleck taxes. You pay your taxes like you pay different levels of taxes but all the taxes go to the same place as kind of religion a little bit of food that like. We're all praying for different in a different manner using the king james version this version but today mostly we all got religion. It's changed a lot. Since we grew up in america in general especially in school. Because i remember in school like a prayer was like the first thing that we did like before we started school. I don't really. Yeah what do you mean like before you because angela. Yeah the pledge of allegiance were sounds crazy. Really think about it. You know what we're doing. It's how we look. Also extending in a classroom of twenty kids are people are. People took a picture of the perfect communist her attention. Pledge allegiance to the flag so young that you dislike. It just comes out so easily like you're not even thinking of what these words mean. The history of it like you don't really know issuing is just an act the pledge of allegiance. Exactly you're yourself. You signed learning very young. But that's why that's what they started breeding nationalism at the beginning of it that level you breed initiative but now it is very interesting though though because religion is very something that a lot of couples have to deal with especially in the weight. America's changing like you really could be baptised who's married to a hindu lady had to decide. How would you how to raise a family and that is. I think it's up to the couple. It is up to the couple. There's no standard of how you do it. I don't think so. Can you do both you could do wine. I think he just personally that you put both in front of your children in is kind of like when he let them like when you divorce you put the baby at the back with the baby and the baby until the baby to run cross. Apparently the baby goes to. And that's how i feel about religion whichever person that was when they driven to which they feel that the now i do think that as a parent you responsibility is not necessary to lead them direction but to lead them with all the information so let them know both sides all the information if they have questions mix you answer them thoughtfully and then let them you know as they get older to decide which they feel best fits them true but you but but i remember the first time marchers was shocked and i was shocked. The first moment to your church lee a lot going on here we went to this went together. There's a lot going on like the. Lds church is different now. Shock to they really really professional here. Like the first time i went to church everybody would just like little house on. I was like everybody had little. Bob haircuts the little daily. Long ring would nitny stuff. I was like okay. Everybody was nice though the mormon church. Everybody's nice it became the electric me. Those experts you need is chick chick-fil-a the never met him. You're not mad. You be her all day serving waffle fries. He's still not particularly sauce. And these assaults. Right now but i do think that we both bring different aspects of both sides to our children and then it's kind of when my parents are in town. They'll take the kids with them to church. Your parents are in town. I don't even think it has to be either or though to revisit. No no no to people who like to different types of teams all of the lake. But that's why that's why. What if your child doesn't pick either of them. And i think that's where it comes within the home to teach them of both sides but i think it's okay when your child is like asking questions of another religion because curiosity all you want to do is learn and know you know. And i feel like that's where growth come when they start to bring it within and they're just comparing in and that's when you're having conversations with them you know on different thoughts or different things that they've heard. I don't think i think she'll be open minded today. We're talking to dr declawed chair of the department of african american studies and professor of religion at princeton university about who's in black politics religion and changes society and the role of black athletes. Also our athletes play in the political climate of america. So is it true that you left home to attend morehouse to go to college. A sixteen kind of young as sixteen hours. Still you running through the fields and by more holidays you're busy lifting engines and things like that. I know yeah. I did i i left home and went to morehouse at sixteen. Morehouse had What they call an early admit program that they started as a result of the world war. I think it was world war two when a lot of black men had gone off to fight in the war and so they started admitting younger students. And so martin. Luther king junior for example was an early admit maynard. Jackson was an early admits. It's an aug line of folks who came through that program so it was. It was really interesting. I was running away from home. But i ran iran the college instead of into the streets. I'm from louisiana right. And i'm not gonna talk about louisiana mississippi but they have the history and not always has always been a pretty history as always been people can really be proud of it. Sometimes you know but what was it like growing up mississippi where you eager to enter a place like morehouse to pursue something. That could change the way you grew up. I'm from a small town cost point and you know named after the mazda dangled from Trees and it's called the river city as its nickname and So it's really beautiful. But moss point is majority. Black is about seventy percent black It's the labor force for the town right next to it Pascagoula mississippi were trent senator. Trent lott's from so. I grew up in an environment. That was It wasn't segregated in any formal sense but there was Kind of de facto segregation and interesting sorts of ways and and. Because i was involved in politics at a young age i was crossing kind of racial lines and very interesting sorts of ways at a good friend of mine. She was a neighbor down the street. Who who went on to become an endowed professor of law at the university of southern california told me that she remembers me and her little brother going off to boys state and hearing some white woman saying that the problem with me eddie was that i didn't know my place and has something to do. I didn't know my place and that has something to do with my dad. You know my dad. How can i put this. My dad didn't suffer white folks easily. And you know it just to be honest when we moved into you know. He was a policeman and he had an opportunity to he knew. He hasn't some precarious since for coaches kids rather and he moved us into this neighborhood. I think we will third black family to move in the neighborhood and somebody shot out back window and my dad responded with his twelve gauge and blew off the limb of a tree and said shoot becky again. I mean he was not a man who allowed anybody to diminish him so i grew up in an environment where there was a sense of. You know you stand up for who you are. You be proud of who you are. And i grew up in an environment that was basically black fish fries on fridays brown liquor. You know i mean. Is this the blues listening. Bb king and bobby blue bland. At least the oh folks were. It was a nurturing environment for me and my sister graduated valedictorian of our high school and went to spelman and then came back home and said you know you act like you to while you need to come to. Morehouse said..

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