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I'm Mary Corsetti firefighters working tirelessly on a fire that broke out earlier today on the USS Bonhomme Rashard in San Diego Boxes. Christina Coleman has the latest, All of the sailors the entire crew was accounted for, and all of the fire personnel was accounted for two, maybe officials telling Fox News a few firefighter suffered From smoke inhalation. We also just learned two guided missile destroyers, including the U. S. S. Fitzgerald were moved away from the bottom Rashard as it continues to burn at Naval Base, San Diego Local base and shipboard firefighters are working this massive fire right now. Approximately 160 sailors were on board the ship when the fire started. The vessel was going through a routine maintenance. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but officials say they do not expect foul play. And China has fast become a top election issue as President Trump and former vice President Joe Biden engage in a verbal battle over who's better at playing the tough guy against Beijing, representative James Comer of Kentucky, commenting on Fox News, You go back to the Obama Biden administration they had a by China. First policy. There were hundreds of thousands of jobs that went to China American jobs. And since President Trump's election, he's been focused like a laser on bringing those jobs back. And as Corona virus cases reached record highs across the US, many states are being forced to either pause or start rolling back. The re openings were saying positivity rates above 20%. We continue to have a real challenge with testing. Although there was some very good news this week about additional resource is that air coming? We're setting records of the time. You don't want to set for the use of ventilators by covert patients acute care beds. That's the mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, Kate Gal ago, joining CBS's face the Nation to discuss the spike in cases in her state. America is listening to Bach's news..

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