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In the rear view mirror, and he's the guy that's GonNa pt's Lee later on. So. I think they they talk the ball a little bit. Keithly Kovac was phenomenal but w have. Better. A call it. Why is going into this? All, right Fini really good phone call in a great point by Bennie, because now you have both those titles. For on Keithly the North American Championship and the heavyweight championship. They could do like we've seen with Becky Lynch. Where you know key fleet goes up against carrying cross. It's just for the North American. Championship and carrying Cross keeps the North American Champ keithly continues to be the heavyweight championship. You kinda paint yourself into a corner when you have a champion holding onto to championship belts Dave. I'm not a fan of North American Championship. It's it's an inconsequential annex. T should not have to championships in my in my opinion, there should be the. Should just be the next t championship heavyweight championship. Whatever you WANNA, call it. What's the difference between the NFC championship and the North American, championship the North American Championship. I guess is just like the US championship or the Intercontinental Championship. Second there. I I don't. Even I don't want to disrespect the I think they do a good job of trying to keep credibility on that championship, so I don't want to say that, but okay. Yeah, you're right. It is secondary it just. It doesn't mean anything to me. I want a championship to have a clear cut. Definitive meaning I know why tag team. Has Attacked Him Championship I. Know Why the Women's champion I know why cruiserweight champion! What's the difference? Between next in the North American zero? I could care less if they got rid of it tomorrow. That's why I don't WanNa. See Keith Lee. Lose one and hold onto the other, because that just tells me that he loses one and not the other. He could've lost both at the same time. Listening catches Monday through. Saturday I'm busted open from nine am to noon eastern on Sirius Xm by nation channel fifty six busted open. Odd Cast..

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