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The the civil rights commission in public schools, downtown comics, your place to escape you're listening to Indiana issues when I started ivytech, I lacked the confidence to do what I do. Now, they gave me confidence. And they helped me know that I could do anything actually puts you out there with the people that you're going to be working for when we hire graduate from ivytech. We know that that individuals going to come to us very knowledgeable students can two year degree prepares for. It's a partnership, and that's been great for us into. Great for them doing. Thanks now. I never dreamed. I'd be doing here's ago. Welcome back to Indiana issues. I'm Abdul Hakim Shahbazi editor and publisher of India politics as well as election day gets closer, we decided to take a look at the role that social media will play. And so to do that we decided to bring in our social media fringe and studio are Dave Meagher of bringing to you Chris Bengal, digital director of the Bob and Tom show and host of the we are libertarians podcasts and newcomer Amy Starks of digital media and the social media dumbs unconscious at work, Chris, Amy, Dave. Thank thanks very much for joining us today. Thanks for having me. Thanks, welcome. Boy, mousse issue here. We'll go ahead and start with you. What do you think the role of the impact of social media is going to be this election season? It depends on how effective the candidates are in using it. It can be as effective or not affect of as as they put effort into it. And.

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