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I love finding extraordinary people well known in their fields but hidden from many of the rest of us learning about such people hearing from them can shift our own world a little bit on its access and rikke martinez salaya is a world renowned pay santer who trained as a physicist of philosophers questioning and physicists i shape his original approach to art and to life one critic has described his art as an effort to discern a deeper order that underlies what is obscured by the appearances of disorder and rikke martinez salaya poetic equally speaks of the whisper of the order of things he says that works of art that speak to humanity across time possess their own form of consciousness and that a quiet life of purpose is a particular form of prophecy there is a tendency for us to think that to be a prophet or to do anything graham you have to have a special gift be someone calls for an i think ultimately what really matters is the resolve to want to do it to give your life to that which you consume that important and if you have no skills to offer or nothing special to offer is all the more amazing that you do it the more remarkable i'm christa tippett and this is on being and ricky martinez elias art has been exhibited around the world from the hermitage in moscow to a collaboration with the berlin philharmonic he grew up in cuba spain in puerto rico he studied engineering physics and quantum electronics at cornell imp exactly before leaving science for art i spoke with him at a life event at paoli university in law murata california i met was a faculty today and talked about how i run into really interesting people from bela all over the place and this is a i very much value this place and its tradition of faith and intellect handinhand i'm innocent thrilled to be here tonight and thrilled to have and reclaim with me as my conversation partner so let's just plunge right in you were born in a small town in cuba into the socialism there of the 1960s ashur really interesting time and place to be born also that socialism was officially atheist i wonder how you would describe and the religious and spiritual background of your childhood there.

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