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Like danny janssen a riley adams and all the sudden you don't feel as comfortable or confident on Are confident with them. Getting on base for someone. Like george springer. So that's why it sucks in a way but you just hope this is another short term injury where he's back right after the ten days of just after you don't hope he misses too much An extended period of time. I think this news is a godsend to danny johnson. If only because if kirk doesn't get injured. I think he takes over the starting job like i think that's the point that we were at. He was starting back to back games. 'cause you're not gonna bench him. After he hits two home runs like that's that would be a stupid move but he hits back to back games. I think at that point he takes over the starting role like he was a day away from becoming the starting catcher for the blue jays and he got in jacob jacob predicted. That was her livestream last week. He said by the weekend. It'd be alejandro kirk and all the sudden that is been wiped away. But you're right. It was like if he hadn't been injured. I think sunday a he may have started. And it would have been like danny janssen would have been the backup catcher from then on just because danny jan johnson was in the over thirty five street. Kirk was hitting the cover off the ball. Also danny janssen gets really lucky in the fact that he gets that start on sunday he has those two hits and walk. I think he's worked with one. Game worked himself back into the conversation but it was really down to. The wire is really really close for him. So we'll see what happens. I am excited to see riley adams. I think best case scenario for the blue jays if they can at least have a platoon type thing going on with their catchers then. That's the probably the best option right now. I think we'll see. Danny janssen catch the majority of the games even without hundred view coming back or he i think he actually coming back in a couple days. But you know what i mean. We'll see janssen. Catch the majority of the games in oakland But yeah allah hundred kirk was he was floating with getting that that everyday role from charlie montolio and if he if he hadn't have got injured i.

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