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So, you know, the case that guys like me land guys coming out of entry level. I think if if they're your guys that you feel like your core. Gosh view, they have produced. I think you almost you're almost of the situation where you have to pay for future production as opposed how it used to be where you pay for what a guy has done and tried a kind of a level of of production. Because if you wait you end up signing those guys much later in there, you know, at twenty six twenty seven. Now. Now, you're doing an year veal, and you're you're not getting the best eight years of their careers. You're getting you know, maybe three good years, then try to okay years, maybe three years where he meant to think about buying the guy out. So in in the in the case of the Matthews, who's obviously he's gonna get his money, and you know, Barner or and the end or I think you'd like to try to sign those guys for the eight years if you can just because you're getting their best probably their best years of their career. But the problem is in Toronto's case they've got to MIR assigned to a big deal. And they've got the, you know, three really high in young. It's just hard to hard to do the mass as yeah, it's hard to it's hard to do the stuff in a vacuum. Now for sure yeah. Yeah. Rick carpenter L. Of course, you know, him from the athletic. You should follow him on Twitter. He's a great follow for anybody out there looking for some hockey knowledge. I don't know if you saw this tweet from a couple of days ago, maybe yesterday says that the NHL quarter Mark nine of the top fifteen point scores are. Twenty three or younger, including each of the top four rotten file mcdavid McKinnon martyr. Overall, this blows me away forty six point four percent of players to appear in at least one game this season or twenty five or younger. I mean, that's what this league is about. And so these guys gonna wanna get paid. You know what I mean they're carrying teams right now. Yeah. And I think you here's another guy that's going to be interesting grading point in tamp down. I mean, he's probably been their best players. Certainly there amongst most productive players with future off. And what are you gonna pay? Brayden point of his Tampa Bay Lightning and some point down the road of you know, you have rent and then McKinnon, and Colorado, and then, you know, you pay McKinnon you're going to have to pay rent and at some point. So until you see how it's played out there with dry file mcdavid. Those guys are on big big contracts. And that team is really, you know, it's all good when the team is winning. But the team is losing then it's you know, it's more. It's more problematic. Obviously. But it's it's it's amazing. This league is gone young. It's it's a fast league now. And if you can't keep up, you know, you're you're in trouble. And that's the way I look at team like Saint Louis who, you know? Here's the staff where he died at this time last year the blues leading the league in points. They were a top the National Hockey League standings as we discuss we talked today. Your later are thirtieth out of thirty one teams. And I think Saint Louis has their hesitation to embrace the young talented players in their group and push them forward in their lineup has been part of their problem. Yeah. So you know, literally is absolutely about youth. That's absolutely that speed right now. And if you don't have those things in your line of going for you, you're probably looking up, but a lot of things. All right. Let's do a few tweets before. I let you go cool. Okay. All right. Sam has says gentlemen, hope you both had a wonderful. Thanks. Giving day with your loved ones looking at the Western Conference standings. I'm surprised to see Calgary is I in the Pacific Division, is that sustainable do. You think San Jose Vegas or Anaheim will rise to the top? I like San Jose's team still, but they've been so inconsistent. I mean that a nice little run. But really at the end of the day when you're looking at there. Yeah. They're twelve eighty four which means a twelve and twelve right, right? And they both board games and overtime..

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