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To finish games you know they lost four fourthquarter leads in six of their eleven losses last year the chargers are one of my teams to surprise this season numberninteen baltimore ravens actually their defense is pretty good again but joe flack owes their quarterback number twenty two orleans saints they worked hard to upgrade that defense because they had to number twenty one miami dolphins they'd be much much higher rated matter of fact two weeks ago they're probably a top fifteen maybe even the top tintin ryan tanna held the quarterback out with a noncontact knee injury those are the worst time and any team that loses its starting quarterback and training camp is headed for disaster see the two thousand sixteen bycase by the way anyone who thinks jay cutler will say their season wasn't paying attention to jay cutler in his eightyear chicago career adam gaze was there for part of that career he's the head coach of the dolphins and he was jays offense a coordinator with the bears two years ago and coached the best season of cutler's career out of him gazed convinced the mercurial quarterback to leave the fox broadcast booth and return to football on a one year ten milliondollar contract so if you're jay cutler and you're sitting there say why would you do that well let's put it this way based on what he was going to make from fox television he would take him about ten years of broadcasting to make ten million he's gonna make ten million in in miami this year with a replacement better everyone's being paid in broadcasting leg john bruton this is a pretty good grew for cutler although he may have given up a broadcast career who who knows number twenty two the detroit lions they they should be higher okay i admit i should rank them higher than twenty two but i'm running at teams just running into a logjam of teams here i'm not sure they have enough on defense okay they've upgrade of.

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