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And was that where I forget when things happen. But I think it might have been where he announced that the windows ten upgrade was going to be free as well. Percent vaults phones at the time. I might be off on that one. And then. You know, the one billion thing, I don't remember. I don't remember when things happen to mold. But. I just think so if they had said, you know, we won't really be shipping. These in quantity till twenty twenty. Would have said, well, no, you know, they they always kind of hedge their bets on what the audience was for this thing. But I think the thing they've learned over the past four years is there is a market for this device. And it's a it's a kind of a Nici thing. It's a particular verticals and biz in the business space where you know, this kind of thing does make sense there, automakers using it Knossos using it, you know, it's like that computer the guy wanted, you know, he's like, you know, there are there are some out there for sure as a consumer device, it's not there. Right. And it was never aimed at consumers for sure. And then the windows mixed reality stuff that they did that is sort of like Holland's, I I wouldn't say that's taken off any appreciable way. But it's still hanging out there. I mean, it's still part of. You know, it's like windows mixed reality is to haul ends like Xbox One is to windows ten they're sort of platform. But. Exactly. Right. Yeah. So we we don't know much about this next Holland's. We we know a few things we know there's going to be an AI customizing, I processor in the device that Microsoft built we think it's going to be Snapdragon eight fifty based. So it's going to be an always connected PC. We think well, we're pretty sure the connect sensor package that Microsoft announced at build last year is going to be part of this also. So what's it look like, I think it's gonna look like hololens? I don't think it's gonna look hugely different. Just maybe somewhat thinner somewhat lighter some were portable. But I think it's still going to be that big kind of clunky. Battery life push from the Snapdragon. I think that's going to be here for it. We talked about this before you know, the first one was based on Intel. But it only runs a very specific set of star up. You're not gonna run like the wind thirty version of Microsoft Office in his thing. So switching to arm doesn't hurt anything. It's perfect..

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