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That song gist. Does it every time? Does it every single time? What a great movie to bohemian rhapsody wonder, if it's gonna take take it'll take the Oscar. Yeah. Yeah. I think so too coming up, and let me give you the rundown of my and Georges schedule over the next couple of months in two short weeks, George, and I will be at the conscious life expo right here in Los Angeles, California. It is at the L A X Hilton that is February twenty-second through the twenty fifth today's February tenth all right now on Friday. I'll be there hosting the ancient aliens panel celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of chariots of the gods. And I'll be doing that with Eric von Daniken that'll be Friday night. Saturday night on the twenty-third, George will be hosting the cosmic questions form. Of course. I'll be there for that. And later on on Saturday night will be the speaker reception, a meet and greet award ceremony. So come in hang out with this. That's February twenty-second through the twenty fifth tickets and info are over in the events section at coast to coast, AM dot com. And then right after that coming up Saturday March twenty third it's George Noory live at the historic Everett theater up in Everett, Washington. That's almost sold out. Tickets are very limited for that. And you've got to go and check that out though, head to the event section because the guest this time around Peter Davenport, Johnny Danny and Brinkley and John Hoge. And of course, there's going to be a live band, and you get to hang out and a meet and greet after the show. And then coming up is George Noory live kicking it in Columbus at the link. Theater in Columbus, Ohio. And that is Saturday may eleventh two thousand nineteen and that's with Marianne when Klaus sqi Rosemary, Ellen Guilin Stanton Friedman and special mother's day tribute live band, audience participation, of course, that famous George Noory meet and greet after the show. Just go to the events section at coast to coast, AM dot com Isaac Arthur is our guest, we're discussing everything ET and interstellar, and we were finishing up with dark energy. I'm going to get into faster than light communication, and we've got to discuss the Cardi sheds scale and take some of your phone calls. All of that is next. This is coast to coast AM. We'll be right back..

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