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Welcome back to boston. Public radio jack. Born is in for jim brady so the latest report on climate change is forced us to confront our relationship with nature however abused it taken it for granted in an amazing new exhibit perfectly time for this moment contemporary artists ethan moreau pays tribute to the massive oaks once stood on cape cod before being chopped down is a cautionary tale about what developing cape cod has done to the environment. The exhibit is also a testament to nature's resilience is titled the greenhouse in. It's on view right now through october. Third at the cahoon museum of american art institute in either murrow. Thank you so much for joining us or absolutely thrilled to talk to you. This is just looks like an amazing thing and it's not very far. It's just a to it so we all get down there and see it. Tell us tell us what you got there on the wall. The museum stewart. Thanks so much for having me. It's great to be here and yeah. I feel very honored to be participating in another exhibit after cove. It was great to have a chance to work with the cocoon on this project at an amazing team of artists. Assistance helping me and we have a massive panoramic wall drawing of a felled oak tree. So this is about a hundred feet wide. I believe and it depicts a tree that we might call a nurse tree so it's fallen it's dead it's drawn right on the wall and on the tree itself are new plants growing from The dying tree. It also has on one end a tree house..

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