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On you and i would have lost our shit if barry manilow was on that show shit opted not to team far off track but i asked him biking my mtv shea we back in the day i asked her manilow to be in my first episode he thinks in phone call jenny literally uncle jenny and i wanted him to do video with me where we roll around like the opening of grace danny stand here baking out on the beach and wanted him to roll around make out with me as the water like hit our bodies and literally this is like okay he's thinking about it he's almost there we think he's going to say yes we're all freaking out at end up i'm exactly what i'm gonna wear and then at the last minute he pulled out he was scared i was i mean i know maybe let's revisit this maybe go back to his publicist and ask if you could film some sort of roller skating sequence where he lifts you into the air i don't even know if he can like hip thrust anymore because on from yeah last summer okay what kind of cleaning jobs required of contests asleep this rental home so like in other words do you think they need to burn the bunk beds in re wax the floors back anybody is still living enough how wally out so in move back in insane notre great we live in that house.

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