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In a late night show too it seems like there's a demand for an alternative or an alternate viewpoint that from donald trump junior seau roseanne having a really really big night so are we seeing a revival now of conservatives on television now we all know for a long longtime roseanne was not a conservative i think maybe hillary clinton may have flipped her in fact they talk about hillary clinton a lot in in this this program the the the roseanne show the other night however are we going to see more people coming out in hollywood saying that they're a conservative maybe so in fact the creators of south park matt stone and trey parker stunned a liberal hollywood crowd this week after revealing that they are proud republicans trey parker and matt stone of south park were introduced by larry elder they were they won a freedom award from the norman lear is associate or the norman lear organization i can imagine norman lear none too happy to find out that these guys are republicans let's say the foundation whose opening website message calls on people to defeat trump and the right wing in two thousand eighteen oh and the organization describes itself as a progressive advocacy organization founded to fight right wing extremism oh there you go so trey parker and matt stone coming out basically they said we're republicans no seriously there was nervous laughter apparently in the room when they said that they're they're they're funny and they were like no we're serious we are very proud republicans and we want you to know about it so i hope hope hope maybe beyond hope that more people in hollywood are going to be coming out as conservatives wouldn't that be awesome i think that'd be a fantastic so roseanne getting huge ratings now when is hollywood going to stand up and go you know what maybe there's a market for these people may be so let's see james is west of the ashley james what do you think about this charlie to be honest with you i think one of the reasons roseanne getting huge ratings and you know i'm one of those types that honestly for the most part i could care less about your politics as an actor.

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