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Aiming the internet at a german tech gathering and we'll have comment as we go along from get unfolding ten this week i think you'll find hello glen hello gareth get to see after christmas and happy new year to everyone a bit late apps yeah i think we can still say happy new year even at lake live in the especially is withering if you tech prediction say to me it's still very new year first though very serious issue that message that leads to thirty eight minutes of dread in hawaii over the weekend ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii seek immediate shelton said the message and it went on this is not a drill well at least that lost bet walls accurate it wasn't a drill because act it was a false alarm the employees who triggered that alert has been reassigned to other duties witold and reports also suggest that bad interface design contributed to the era of north korea's missile and nuclear program is seen as a growing threat of course to the united states and alaska and hawaii all these states closest to north korea li false alarm just happened to come in the same week that the policy institute chatham house released a report nc the vulnerabilities of nuclear weapons systems say much of that technology of course harks back to decades before today's cyber threats and that certainly is a worry as one of the report's authors patricia lewis will tell us in this program she's right here in the studio patricia is research i write to if the international security department at chatham house say first that if we talk about your report what was your rat since the instant over the weekend in hawaii well and festival we thought it might be a hack ntv in that system at kelly lesson taye hack into the missile system and bought two could it be and a high can i think i understand that they were considering that is a possibility at one point and but i think what it does show a couple of things one is that the an architecture i'm which these systems are built are not always fully thought through some of them have been ancient.

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