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Whether San Diego is going to be downgraded and shut down even more than we are already experiencing. So let's start out first with the Congress, Congressman County Supervisor Jim Desmond. We had him on yesterday and he was previewing the motion he was going to make today. That motion was that this? The county of San Diego should not enforce. The state of California's shutdown guidelines and that we should approach this using our own methodology, our own safety protocols. Every county has different make out. Every county is different. So here we'll give him a quick summary of why he made this motion Audio three. Here. Is Desmond OK? As a county. We should not be enforcing these impossible state rules that we can't meet those those criteria even get beyond 50% open. He basically did was he took the math on this is something we told you when this new color coded scheme was unveiled. We looked at it over the weekend because it was unveiled on a Friday. We look at it over the weekend and came out. I think it was last Monday. I think everything's merging together. But as a week ago, Andi said, Guess what? Just based on false positives. We're never going to be able to get past 50% open. That's going to be a real problem. What you're basically saying is that our economy will never get back to normal. By the way, you will go out of business. Yes, right that this is the policy of elegant decay. So you bankruptcies coming, Itjust will be an elegant downward slope. And so even with the the the vaccine Again, There will still be residual cove in 19 cases such that our economy won't be reopened and nobody's done this math and there's been no story in the Tribune. No, basically, But why are we using a guideline where you're never really going to be done with covert 19 even when we go through with the vaccine that that seems like folly, and it doesn't seem to be justified it and I don't think people understand it and therefore because they don't understand it. They're willing to kind of let things Slide right now. Amy Desmond's motion is that the state really has screwed up and how it's managing this and that we need to come up with our own future. We need to have our own destiny. That we can control. Let's do a little bit more audio audio number four We have to get to an impossible less than one positive case per 100,000. As I said before, Even if we had a vaccine, it couldn't guarantee those types of results. This good Now I'm troubled by what Dr Wilma Wooten said, And you heard it. A TTE. This show opened there that unless we stop the spread, there is no going back to economic normalcy. That that is an untenable, ridiculous statement to be made by any scientist, let alone somebody who somehow self empowered herself two to be making these kinds of policy state there dangling of the economy in front of our face. Because you know that that's really what's concerning us. And they don't seem to be being being called out on. Well, Wait a minute. Why are you saying that there's no way for us to go back to or economic? Ah ah, enormous riches are normal soon unless we stop the spread. It's a virus. It's not going away. It's a virus that doesn't kill healthy people. OK, let's just call it out. We know the profile of covert 19 now. It goes after all people. It goes after people with preexisting conditions, but the vast majority people Are asymptomatic. They're healthy. Take a look at the issue as angry as I am with those kids for swapping saliva and doing what college kids do. You know, we actually have a test case here. None of them are in the hospital. All right. None of the 400 cases in the past nine days have gone to the hospital. And so they're asymptomatic. Yes, they're part about testing positive, but none of them are acute cases. And we've so another word. Getting the two cases were needed to be the number one metric. We follow. Right. So in other words, those cases those increases those numbers that may very well causes to go from red to purple again. They're not impacting society. They're not hurting the I C u beds. They're not impacting. Anything I'd be, and they're isolated on the campus. So what percent of what? I guess the question asked, is what's the harm? If there's 100, more cases of STDs you students is also not getting sick. They're not getting hurt by it. And they're not hurting others then and they're wearing face masks and they're quarantining themselves like they're supposed to do Then then why can't there be more cases? I mean, why or rather why it does the increase in cases deny us the ability to open up a restaurant? There's a point. What percentage of hospitalizations right now? Our cove in 19 related in San Diego County on Lee 6% let that sink in. Okay, We're shutting down our economy. We don't get to go to church. We literally are living in our homes and being told that we are wrong for not wearing a mask and only 6% of people in the hospital right now. Our covert 19 positive the vast majority of the rest. Have other things that have nothing to do with covert. And there are a hell of a lot of empty bets and we were told back in March by all the experts, the Democrats in guys found science. 15 days to flatten the curve. Why do we have to flatten the curve so that our health care system doesn't become overwhelmed that we can prepare for the surge of cases and we did and we survived it. But you know what Now, The goal posts have been completely not even moved. They've literally decided there are no goalposts. We are playing a totally different game. That's how you measure your success. It will never be green. There isn't even a green color on there is no green color. They're so Jim Desmond offered the motion today. Offers emotion. And he can't even get a recorded vote because he didn't even get a second. Let that sink in that we can't even get Second to that very.

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