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Less sleep better. And welcome back to coast to coast. Let me tell you about Gary Moore gear he's the author of the critically acclaimed book plane with the enemy winner of the two thousand six military writer's society of America book of the euro award plane with the enemy is currently optioned as a major motion picture, Gary is a contributing author for chicken soup for the father and son soul and a self syndicated columnist with a degree in music education from vendor cook, Gary has performed professionally music of all genres and taught students of all ages and groups and will often mix his percussive performance skills. Into the subject matter at hand. Gary welcome to the program and welcome back. I should say George. Thank you so much. It's it's a pleasure to be on. And and it's great beyond with you. I've been a fan I had a chance to interview Kenny aronoff about a year ago, the great drummer and God, he's he's exciting. He wrote a book and. He's one of a kind one of a kind you must know all kinds of musicians to I do. I do have been a real pleasure. Most my life has been able to be around some of the some of the great ones. You know, for me, the greatest Graham river was buddy, rich. Yeah. Every time I hear that song American pie. I think of this tragedy. This incredible story. How did you get interested in it? You know, I was never buddy Holly fan. Strangest thing the way it was drawn into this. My my mother-in-law who is just a. That was just the kindest most wonderful woman you'd ever meet. Lived in Iowa grew up in Waterloo. She for her seventy fifth birthday said she wanted to go to the reenactment of the winter dance party. Well, I thought the winter dance party knowing her age must've been ballroom, dancing, hadn't thought I should take some dance lessons about later found on found out that she was just a rabbit buddy Holly fan, and I didn't know it. And so we we went to the reenactments. There's a a performer buddy John Mueller who travels with the show, you owned the rights now, the winter dance party, and you know, I sat through the evening, and it was he was great music and wonderfully performed. Big Bopper was performed by the big Bopper, real life, son. And he was he was great and emotional than performance. Did Ritchie Valens was outstanding. John Mueller models buddy Holly with a great. But nothing really tripped. My trigger excited until the very end of the show John announced that he was about to sing a song called. Hey, buddy. That he had written. My first thought was going to ruin a beautiful night and interject something you've written and the song was so haunting captivating. When it ended. I wife looked over at me. And she starts here. Running down my face. She said what happened was wrong? I said, I don't know. And from that moment on I was just almost on an obsession to learn more about buddy, Holly, learn more about and I determined that. I wasn't a right about the crash. I thought there's enough written about that. I just want to write about who buddy. Holly was try to find stories that people had written about, but. Ended up speaking to barbed wire who is the wife of Jerry Dwyer. The man who owned the charter service and one sentence that she said to me, I grew crash and in my analysis of it. I gotta tell you. It was. An incredible story. I was only nine when this thing happened. So I was way too young to really understand it. But later on. I began to realize, you know, this was a huge story. And I've seen pictures of the plane. It is so mangled. Yes. It's it's a wonder they all died because there's there's nothing left to this plane in what's the big Bopper. Was he the one who is like tossed thirty feet away from everybody else? Yeah. Actually forty feet. He was forty feet ahead of the plane. And and and very scantily dressed most of his clothes had been removed, which seems shocking. He would beep so far away and be undressed, but crash investigators will tell you that it's it's not unusual, and I actually work with a crash investigator from the NTSB is we kind of recreated the crash, and he said that that's not surprising at all. Didn't they also find a handgun somewhere? They did. They did they didn't find the handgun until the spring. You know, it's not snowing when when the crash occurred snowed tonight. So as investigators arrived the plane the area was snow covered. And when they did the crash cleanup. They didn't get all the debris. Well farmer by the last name jewel was piling field in the spring a handgun. So he got out of it got another tractor picked up the gun looked at it. And for whatever reason did the dumbest thing do he pointed up near pull the trigger. Oh. And so he evidence. Yeah. And so he thought well, okay. I'll take this to the to the sheriff the next day. And he did the sheriff look at it. And they found out some serial number that it was registered at Charles hardened Holly, which is buddies real name. And that and he recorded in the notes that they had been one shellfire. Beyond what he fired now, just one just one just one. But he did not make a note. It was fired by the farmer. And so a few years later the newspapers got hold of it made it sound like something happened in the plane something well, not only that. Kagera for claimed it when he was taking pictures of the crash he found a bullet hole in the in the back of the pilot's seat. And they'd be and it just became almost standard rock and roll is time that buddy has shocked pilot. Are you convinced at this point Gary that what happened was pilot's error? I am convinced. It's pilot error. Yes. It's for a pilot. And I was also I spent six years my life is a charter operator. And so a lot of experience with pilots lot experience airplanes. And it is. So crystal clear, really what happened. You have a twenty one year old pilot who was not instrument rated in the weather was lousy weather was awful was just office should never flown that day. No, exactly. Right. And it's amazing. I I actually received hate mail and threatening mail. I rely. Well, I took the position in in. My book is is we gotta wrote this analysis that the one called, hey, buddy. Yeah. Exactly. And that it was pilot error, and we we we lay out the exact every scenario the crash what happened, and there is a there was this through the years or has become a very strong. I guess lobby. I'd call it for Jerry, Jerry is the charter operator. And Jerry had spunk before he passed away. He'd spent out different theories to kind of make. I guess excuses for the fact that he let that plane take off right? He wanted to kind of take the load off. And so, and so, you know, when when wrote the crash now asus it obviously points to the fact that Jerry was the adult in the room he owned the airplane. He employed the pilot yet he put a twenty one year old unqualified inexperienced pilot who had a record of suffering suffering from vertigo in the pilot's seat of an overloaded bonanza which had hat which would having a lot of problem and the crash lasted five minutes. You know, alison's was everybody was fries that they that the plane crashed. I would be surprised if it didn't. Yeah. That it even took off. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. It's just. It is a tragedy upon tragedy and the greatest tragedy is a fact that the operator actually plane go, and you know, George she knew. Because the flight left shortly after midnight, and he's charter operator. He spent the whole day with the pilot checking the weather checking the plane he stayed in. It was record cold. It was by most accounts. It was with the wind chill was almost thirty below. And we out there with the plane loaded the plane once the plane taxied off he didn't leave and go home. He went up to the when you know went up to an observation area outside what the plane take off and stood there until the plane was out of sight and went to the control tower and tried to contact the plane. In all my years of operating charter service. I never did that you know, I had qualified pilots if I was at the airport I'd help load the plane seed off that kind of thing. You know? It was his action says that he was worried he was concerned, and you know, before Jerry got home and got bed that night. The plane was dead with crashed. Oh. Blaine were dead and getting cold already out there in the snow. Why so many conspiracy theories Gary about the crash, well, you know, better than anyone certainly there are conspiracy theories of almost everything anytime anytime anytime, do we have people prominence our heroes, especially if they die a. You know, tragic, but explainable death. There's something encoded in our GNA that just doesn't want to believe that doesn't want to accept that your Morrison still alive things like that. Absolutely. Absolutely. In fact, I was just a kind of going to the book I wrote the book was ten years ago to my notes staff known, and I was surprised you remember some of that so many theories that I never put into the book that one of them is floating out there now, and it's all over the internet is it did they crash was fake the buddy didn't like his life. And and reappeared a few years later somebody else. That's interesting. Also, there was a theory about a bomb. Right. Putting a plane. Yeah. There is why would that pop up? Well, it is it is fact that during that early kind of rock and roll organized crime, mafia, Cosa, Nostra, whatever you wanna call it. They were really working hard to take over recording industry and these young Jarvis were almost all of them were teenagers. They didn't know better they were signing contracts. They shouldn't have signed in life way. And they were pursuing buddy pretty hard. The mom was resisting. And Peggy sue Gherman who is the famed. Peggy sue of the Tucson, you know, hit song. That's right. Yeah. Longtime buddy, our friend. Gary Gary Busey played the buddy Holly in the buddy Holly story in seventy eight by the way. Yeah. Absolutely. I remember him singing that Sar and did an incredible job. Yeah. He did. He really incredible job. Peggy sue said that but he had called her and talked to her about the fact that he was afraid said said they were following the bus. They were they were threatening him. Andy. The. Possible theory. But Georgia the thing that makes it very difficult to believe that there was no gotta tell you the wreckage looks like you've got blown up. Well, I've never seen a plane more mangled and all my life. Oh, yeah. It it ended up just being a ball of aluminum wire. But but they'd be the crash investigators. We work with said, you know, there was absolutely no evidence of the bomb in the plane. I if the plane had have been bomb on board the plane would have blown apart near the crash site pieces, everywhere everywhere, and this was a very tight crash site in the plane was almost totally in county in in in in together. But. Mangled mangled. It doesn't look like a plane. No, you would not notice an airplane. In fact, tell you a story we're we're the bodies in the rubble. The only body was in in the rubble was the pilot in fact. They were looking for the pilot and do know they found the plane round nine o'clock in the morning a little bit earlier. Not far from the runway right now, five miles. Cornfield in and Mason city Iowa. And when investigators arrived, they found buddy, Holly and Ritchie Valens were..

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