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Of course i knew you would ever check the and you're right under stanley fischer the vice chair of the federal reserve and golden years here Look at that time herald sagas here. I'm assume you weren't at the same time. There and seth rogan and of course Sasha on this is a net flicks comedy waiting to happen. So when you were right to mentioned comedy because it is freakish. How many people in british comedy seth rogan of course as well in big big names in british comedy were in this tiny youth move. I mean we're talking. Maximum two hundred people at any one time. We're in this organization Sometimes there'd be conversations about are we a mass movement and you know two hundred people and the you know david Deal is a massive stomach. Comedian this country might lead the oscar winning film camp patterson created comedy show called whose line is any way that winter american was very big. They were all in on him and in fact when we gather. I am the one. Because i'm kind of the straight man in this room of people who have become comedy giants and sasha of course non more giant than. I think you're a giant. Okay just want to say two things by season five. I'm calling you. Johnny that's it and secondly I have friends in high places too so you might listen to a recording a little later in this program things. We are getting a little bit competitive about this. They would be completely right and you actually manage to pull in your contributor and then compelled me to match your contribution with sexual random people are to hear you on later and i think they will be. Wow this is my prediction okay. So we gave out our report card to the american president. I think We should probably also talk about the israeli prime minister. We should Because it's a new prime minister this time last year. When it was russia it was the same as it had been the before and the salon and the year before that and it was netanyahu. And it's now after. So i have to ask you and he early. It's early because he's not had long but it was early for biden to what are your initial. Does he have to stand insured and say a few okay. Well first of all..

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