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For now, people are advised to fly with their vaccination cards to make this whole process. Go a bit smoother. What he's coronavirus situation is starting to take a turn in the right direction. There was just one new case reported Thursday when last week each day featured a double digit case count between April 5th and May 2nd call what he went from zero active cases and the lowest positivity rate of any island to 91 cases on the highest positivity rate. Have been 32 cases between the bar and restaurant, each responsible for a large cluster. After infected people showed up to dying and work on a little mayor. Reclaim. DRD is promising to clean up Chinatown, the area Seen a spike in homelessness, drug use Pandelis, um and crime. Thursday night Mark the first time bland DRD spoken, a downtown Chinatown neighborhood board meeting. Mayor discussed some recent social media posts where residents and business owners paint a bleak outlook about what he's doing to improve the situation blend. Yardley said he plans to provide outreach services and tough love. He also plans to install more security cameras, improved parks and organized more community walks. His office is negotiating with the River of Life mission to move its homeless feeding services away from Chinatown. In the news radio 8 30 Cage, VH New Center. I'm Julia Norton, Dennis Stay up to the minute online and KH VH one at Facebook. We continue to take critical steps to better secure our platforms, including more than tripling safety and security teams to 35,000.

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