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Real monarchs back with it, even after the goal kick by Sean Melvin Johnson on the near side, mixing it up, with both Haji Berry and Michael Edwards able to get the pass off anyway. And now Offer deflection. It will go out for rail monarchs throwing Rohan will come just shy midfield on the monarch side of things. Daniel Flores, looking over the top Or Paris. Briggs Briggs able to get it turned him run, but a good tackle there by Michael Edwards to take it away. Edwards chipped over the top for tour as his header and then Saucedo gives them a shab. And Saucedo sees a yellow And that's the second yellow card that Jose Torres has been able To draw From the real monarchs. It will be a diverse his health, yellow car, mental health and well being for all. Jose Torres tried to say no, he didn't need medical attention, but with contact near the head. That is what caused the yellow and that's what also leads to the training staff onto the fee killed for our first injury stoppage brought to buy sent her health. Saucedo. They're just Little aggressive and on the back of Jose Torres is a beautiful little chip pass up the line there from Michael Edwards after he'd won that ball with an excellent sliding challenge. And Torrez just Felt the contacts Aceto. The state Big bank take little bank situation. So CDO towering over Torrez. Referee run on top of it. Switchbacks will get us back underway Michael Edwards over to his center back partner Jimmy offered Now. Oxford Police have further to the left for Matt Mahoney. He'll chip it over the top looking for Jose tour as hell headed back looking for Haji Barry. He overran it. Haji recovers, though in the middle of the field. Now Barry passed to the near side was looking for Dashain back for it. A little bit of his reaching a little bit strong and throwing will ensue for the visitors coming up on the 40th minute. In 30 seconds. 31 switchbacks with the lead the shame Beckford, Haji Berry and Michael Edwards the goal scorers here tonight. Using up Has it for real monarchs, So pass it up. And with it is Kyle Adams. Adams passed to midfield taken away by Beverly mocking Gila. Have pushing this one. Ford sidesteps the defender plays it to the top of the 18 for Haji Barry Barry back to Bev. Past forced out wide for Michi, Galina Galina, tiptoeing along the top of the 18 goes back to at Bavaria, now to the near side for Sebastian Andersson. Anderson. The Edwards just inside the midfield line. Edwards, with some hangers on will give it off to an HSA very in now to Torrez back across midfield to Jimmy Oxford over to mock Angoua out wide for Matt Mahoney. Mark Angulo. Once again, he'll reverse fields looking for Sebastian Andersson here on the near side one hop and it will be kept in by Anderson. Anderson to Jose Torres. He'll look to send it in. Over to the far post, headed in play by the switchbacks and then nearly Header goal, thereby Haji Barry Now Torrez trying to take possession at the top of the 18 Beverly mocking Gila now has it. He'll strike from distance with the left foot just a little bit high and wide. Initially, a really good say from do snap in net for the rail monarchs, once again had forced to backpedal and sort of scoop that ball out from under his post. Switchbacks piling on the pressure looking for their fourth before the end of this first half. Less than five minutes to go here in the first half switchbacks with a 31 lead. Using up Sends it downfield market Gil awaiting hits the header Now. Jose Torres plays it up to D Shane back Bird back bird trying to get it to Haji Berry, and it's cleared out by Saucedo and it will be A corner kick for the switchbacks, which Led to a goal last time. And as you accurately mentioned that switch and play between Galina and backward is really pay dividends the last few minutes for the switchbacks. Beckford, now on the right hand side. Able to go outside on that right foot. While Gallin is able to cut inside on his on the far side and switchbacks might look for another direct one here after that, successive last time with Michael Edwards Sebastian Andersson in the corner, looking to take this one. Watch out for our lives up the hand sends it near pose headed away by real monarchs, and it will go out for throwing Yeah. Jimmy awkward. One of the switchbacks making that run toward that near post trying to recreate what the switchbacks did last time. Well headed away by the Monarchs in an easy catch there on that ball back in from does not. Huge number. We'll send this one down field looking for Briggs instead headed by Jimmy Oxford. Real monarchs key. Get it back 40 to 40 gone by here in the first half switchbacks with a 31 lead, and now the wave has started here at wider field. All skipping away from everyone. Sean Melvin plays it. Brings it back into his box with two minutes left in the time that we've been allotted here, and we'll see what the fourth official Adams Erin has on his fancy led board here in just moment. Stephen Echeverria with it. Over to Matt Mahoney switchbacks working from the back as they like to do pass to the middle. And it will be reclaimed by a law Bosque Now pass to the near sign Malik Johnson, just inside the 18 in it was offside. And a good save, though, by Sean Melvin. There was Malik Johnson. He was looking across the entire line there. Sure, the held is run just a little bit rail monarchs little slow getting the ball out to him as well. He was trying to cut in on his favorite right foot and unleashed one toward John Melvin's net, but assistant's flag quickly up. And the switchbacks will.

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