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Attorney general Bill bar will not show up for scheduled hearing in the House Judiciary committee. Tomorrow bar was due to answer questions about his handling of the Muller report. He's skipping over objections to being questioned by committee staffers. In addition to the members of the panel Representative Ted lieu said he doesn't understand bars. Reasoning dill bar is making a demand that is unreasonable and other people have been questioned by staff council. I don't know why he is. So scared of tensions are still high in Venezuela after protesters took to the streets for a second day opposition leader, one quite oh said today's marches would be the largest in the country's history quite does supporters clashed with forces loyal to President Nicolas Maduro yesterday to fraternities at swarthmore college in Pennsylvania are closing over sexual misconduct allegations fi scien delta Epsilon announced on Facebook that the decision to disband both group. Was unanimous two campus publications the Phoenix and voices have released internal documents showing them bragging about having sex with underage students. The family of Justin Dimond is filing. A fifty million dollar civil rights lawsuit against former Minneapolis police officer Mohammad guar the police department and the city claiming unreasonable use of deadly force the huge lawsuit came a day after a jury convicted newer of murdering Damon the forty year old. Australian American woman was shot and killed after calling nine one one to report a possible right behind her home the suit also alleges improper police training and conspiracy to cover up the deadly shooting in two thousand seventeen Tom Roberts NBC News Radio. Wiretap reportedly caught Arizona basketball head coach Sean Miller admitting to paying the Andre eight hundred ten thousand dollars a month during his time with the program. Federal prosecutors played a recording of a phone call between former Arizona assistant book Richardson and co defendant Christian doctrines in front of a jury on Wednesday your list. Listening to the latest from NBC News Radio. Everything in everyone. I've ever loved for me. Everything. Do my gloves and I got prescribed pills. Dr. If making my detox public is going to help somebody all for it. I wish I had a warning opioid dependence can happen after just five days. No the truth spread the truth. Message from truth.

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