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I don't think norwegian capable of doing anything on the break. what do think manchester. You're gonna win this clean. Shaef save one seven of the nas. Thirteen home games to nil. Norris lost eleven primarily games in a row count lost time. They were here as well scoring just one goal in the process of manchester every three point two eight goals per game in a loss thirteen premier league home games. In addition to that nor july fifteen of eighteen premier league matches again day from last year in the and six mentioned cities. Lost eight games have gone over two and a half goals which is widely three-nil instead of soon. But as i said i'm not going to be gone. Four five six no hair with manchester. It's because they just don't look capable of doing that now. Obviously they could make me look silly. But i'm just not someone that's going to be paying big handicaps here with the phone number nine. It's not something that i but i believe. In his grateful for ball. Possession is grateful for taking defend his out of the position allowing your wingers space in behind but then not playing. Pacy wing his either. I mean ryan sterling is false but jack greenish isn't even playing. It's gangsta i plays match to say what's kevin deployment occupies position that got greatest is poorly in week. And we'll be starting with maris and greenish with fern. Tories down the middle and studying will be relegated. see the beating. So then applying for pace then they don't really benefiting from having a center forward like a for maino or jotted that draws people out and allows your wingers to occupy the space behind the ball and occupy the space. That's going to be exploited by the wonderful through. Polls that kevin the boy. And it's gonna play so i don't understand what actually you're doing. I don't understand this on dot gradation question. Did it start a season. In the season previews i did say that. This mentioned team wouldn't win. The lake on the field was the best way to go with a field. That moment have strongly reduced their those while. Maxi you've gone from the food. Six modest won't fifty favorites to suddenly being plus money. Eleven off the back of one result. Is that a little bit farfetched. Is that a little bit stream yes is do. I think nancy still good pets win. League no i. I just don't think this team. When harry hurricane salons for them that will be very different. Because that's the play that they need but until unsorted place Guero this team. We're gonna only find out you're gonna have limited ways of scoring goals. They still going to school loads. That goes still going to be in the top four. They're still going to challenge for the leg. But thinking games like tottenham last week when where teams made so. It's very very difficult to break down. That's going to be managed to get kelly's hill. And i think that's gonna come unstuck. I think that's what we're going to win the league. And i certainly think that's why they're not gonna win the champions league this season of next week. The lake game on saturday which is brought in at home to wofford. Brian are available here. Threes fours thirteenth. Five on the draw. And it's seventeen to four here on what i what. I had a big win last week weekend..

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