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Bad opening. And then the Miami dolphin announcer the same thing. So she knows how Scully was kind of ahead of the curve. He would do his home runs with. She is gone. You know, what I mean when he would describe home run. He was he he he didn't have a bias towards towards man. He was he was very fair minded always whenever he did. There's you. Because that's a famous for their c- blows thar. She blows. Where's that Cup from? I don't know. I know. Darcy blows Moby Dick come up. Okay. Well, that's sorry. I don't know. Be dick that you have you have a sound bite of boby. Dick RC blows Meigs actually looking up there. She blocked. Hey, warriors, home tonight, and again, Sports Illustrated his away. Yes. You have Moby Dick. Okay. Go ahead. Dick, paul. Moby Dick Moby Dick was a book. But there may be some. You have catcher in the rye. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead play. Larry's. Did you son tape Dante? You have the hobbit. Go ahead. Go to books on tape. Hey, laugh, all you want. Brian got the Iliad in there. Yeah. Play that one to hear.

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