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How long would it take for SUNY? She is encouraged to kind of bury the hatchet get along with one another starting right now or similarly Israel Palestine, the stuff is not going to get worked out of the system quickly it will. But what I what I would say is that there is an aggressor in the situation. And that if the slaves were freed and the clan didn't fuck with them. They probably would have just been farmers. I don't appellate yet. I haven't found her point. No. We should applaud because if you know. Look Israel would go. Okay. You know, the Palestine's. There are people in pal the pals who keep attacking, right? But I don't think we have the same situation with slavery. The slaves were like if they would have been freed and be left a farm. They would've not one hundred percent. And that's actually I obviously true. And not really because it's even true that once slavery was ended. Correct me if I'm wrong slaves weren't even asking for retribution or Justice to be an active. They were just asking to be like let let go let le- let alone. So there wasn't even like a call to bringing a hammer of Justice down upon their totally true. I'm more actually asking about the white southerners in the south when they were conquered by the union army did things just what happened did things kind of in. I'm talking during the war. Did they just go like, okay? Well, we're union now or were they still just fighting teeth a nail fighting all the way up to the nineteen sixties. And right. I guess there's that too. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So, but that's what the that's what the ku-klux-klan is is basically, the real Kia a terrorist organization to intimidate blacks. And the there is the confederate army continuing its the guerrilla army was the confederate army a total in the streets in a freak and the sheet. Yes. So in the movie Django unchained, they have like is this supposed to be in slavery times? And they're all wearing hoods over their faces. You know, historically, inaccurate whatever I'm not going to get upset about that. But the claim. That's all the way your turn. Fine with everything I've mentioned so far morally I'm on board with. Tarintino not historically accurate. That's my problem with that guy. So what were you I've started? But what we're going to say the clans not formed until after the civil war. And that's right porn store. He's actually a pretty chill, dude. If you're good friends with them like me. Pretty good friends. He shot with a machine gun twice. But he got the shot. He was looking. I got the shop. It's not in the movie, but he got shot. So tecumseh Sherman. Is one end and on the other end is you listened to grant? And they're closing in on Robert E Lee is that correct in the west Robert de lis not in the west. And I they take Vicksburg and the Mississippi River, and that's an important thing. And then you listen to us grant goes to the east to try to take on Robert E Lee because everybody else's losing against him. And he ultimately wins. But it's really long drawn out then William to Sherman slices through Georgia. So it takes a peek. Yes, exactly. Thank you. So it takes it takes a while Atlanta. It takes them all to get to Atlanta. But then once it gets to Atlanta, then he does his March to the sea to serve how. Yeah. On Peachtree street or no. The March to the sea. It's where the union army just basically just steamrolled all the way through. So there's not an army to even try to stop them. They're burning shit along the way, actually and. Oh, right. Is that the scene that you see in gone with the wind where they're like? Like in the middle where they're trying to get their shit together. Whatever. Yeah. Yeah. No Atlanta's burning and they as he's puts it he wants to make Georgia howl. And so it's a okay, look, we we're winning. We can do basically whatever we want. We can March an army straight through your country, destroying everything in our path. Your morale should be destroyed as well. As your interesting a little bit shortsighted..

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