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Twenty six degrees and fair. The AccuWeather real is fourteen. We're going down to twenty three in midtown snow is on the way on Wednesday. We'll have all the details on that coming up for Mackey weather in about four minutes wins news time one forty eight. President Trump held a rally in Miami, Monday, giving a speech in support of Venezuela and Ian rejection of socialism. Who's targeting not only Venezuelans, but the large population of Cuban American voters in south Florida. Pete combs, traveling with the president a new day's coming. It Latin America President Donald Trump speaking to the biggest community events Wayland makes patriots in the United States promising support for Venezuelan opposition leader Guido. Socialism is dying and liberty prosperity and democracy are being reborn. Trump. Also pointing supporters of President Nicolas Maduro time is growing short. All options are open verb of sixteen. Saints have found the lawsuit to block Trump's plan to build a border wall. Without permission from congress, California attorney general's era the Sarah argues, the president's national emergency declaration is unconstitutional. Everyone is concerned when you hear that eight billion dollars of money that you were expecting a calm for other important programs is now going to be rated by the president to pay for a border wall, which congress specifically decided not to fund at the level. The president wants I think every state. Should be worried New York. New Jersey and Connecticut have joined the California suit many New Yorkers air their view of the president's move in the city Monday in front of neon.

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