Exects, Blockchain, David Schneider discussed on The Internet of Things (IoT) Show with Bruce Sinclair - 94: Trust & Disintermediation Improving IoT With Blockchain


Lightweight manages an exacts don't understand it heavyweight managers in exects do and this episode the guests didn't really know blockchain's tech while enough and that's my fault my fault because one of my main responsibilities here's the proper yvette my guess so your time with me as well spent there's still value here but not as much as one i think i generally deliver i'm not sure if that's a good or a horrible transition into my next topic my upcoming iot certification program either way i can assure you that the entire program that's broken into three courses tech business and strategy is dense and without any floss it takes everything i've learned in iot and packages it online so you can learn at your own pace within your own busy schedule i've got a good group started but i'm still looking for another ten or twenty b2 students to go through the program to provide me feedback before open it up to everyone else if you're willing to participate in exchange for a greatly reduced price contact me a bruce at i ot dash inc dot com or just go do i t e dot com or bruce sinclair dot net and contact me with the contact me form that seems to be the way that most people are doing and with that i give you more block training iot with david schneider with me today on it shows david snyder as president of the consulting company 42 tack really helps organizations develop and implement new technologies his experience including with apple google kaiser pay powell yahoo third ups david is investigating methods for using block teen technology to ensure data quality and security for it devices including remote patient monitors and environmental sensors david welcome to the show hello lately what were you working on just before we start talking.

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