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In the road to the west investigators found the moore's eight decided to investigate dennis prager gives his take on why school shooting continue the left has destroyed all character development programs in the schools of the united states of america the white house moves to stop federal funding of planned parenthood we do not need taxpayer dollars paying for four said michael medved ways do you want uncle sam to reach into your wallet take money out of your wallet and give it to planned parenthood thanks for joining us on hugh hewitt great to be with you there have been plenty of republicans troubled by the length of special counsel robert muller's investigation and the fact that it appears to have uncovered nothing as of yet but recent op ed by mark penn and the hill put some democrats on the side of ending this thing sooner rather than later pan after all was a senior adviser to hillary clinton during her two thousand and eight failed presidential campaign and mark twain services upholstery and close advisor to president bill clinton for six years including during the president's impeachment and now penn is calling for an end to the muller investigation mark penn join me on the hugh hewitt show now the washington post says name mr halpern i have avoided doing that until today when the post puts it on its front page so we're talking about stephan helper longtime intelligence community operator what do you make of his reaching out and touching communicating with three and that's a that's all we know about but at least three and now apparently four if you had an peter navarro during the transition we don't know yet during the campaign clinton excuse me trump campaign officials what do you make of that mark penn well i think that that looks like a sting operation to me that you know for those of us who remember the old delorean video with the cash i think i think that that was an old fashioned sting operation that did not work and you would have thought first of all should never never has been done since they're in theory was no investigation no reason to be conducting those kinds of operations against a political campaign and check in when it bore no fruit one wonders why if it didn't end anything in many ways one of the things i point out in in the peace it seems that the less investigators found the.

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