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The medical bills of zero you can not use a person's medical bill history AS eight predictor of if they're going to live or die but the data was working we showed less was being spent on black patients because they receive less care is a black patients occurred roughly eighteen hundred less in medical costs annually than white patients with the same level of six researchers say this is due to a myriad of factors of the lack of insurance lack of access and even unconscious biases from doctors there for the machine rings white patients equally at risk of future health woes as black patients were actually sicker they say correcting these biases of the algorithm what more than double the number of black patients flagged for additional care following the findings the study was replicated on a different data set of three point seven million patients and I found a black patients collectively suffered from eight it's forty eight thousand a vision of chronic diseases compared with white people although the study was conducted on just one health care algorithm the researchers say similar biases probably exist across a number of industries now the lead researcher was down percent hill who will lie Jonathan he's a professor of computational behavioral sciences university Chicago said it's truly inconceivable to me that anyone else's algorithm doesn't suffer from this I'm hopeful that this causes an entire industry to say all my we've got to fix this so all right what is I mean for your eyes what it means is as we go more high tech and eight I it's all about algorithms okay so if you're a man or woman that fit the textbook yeah high cholesterol diabetes high blood pressure they're gonna probably have you flags appropriately as high risk for heart disease okay if you're a woman that let's say has no family history of breast cancer never went to a doctor for a breast lump had a couple babies you're not going to be considered rest at rest for breast cancer and so you might be put on a lower risk category we get less reminders to go get your mammogram I'm telling you right now women who have had breast cancer I can't see how many people I've met said they never had in the family and they never had a previous long and then they found something then they went to the doctor so medicine is tricky it's unpredictable health issues are unpredictable and I don't want somebody saying well you're good because it's not in the family see I don't have a lot of diseases in the family because most of my family died before they get get diagnosed with the disease so when somebody says but look at all your father never cancer so you know how do you know you're at high risk for these types of cancers ago he didn't have cancer because he died of a heart attack before you could ever have the diagnosis of cancer all these algorithms looking family history and your family got killed in the Holocaust or a car accident or a you know over does we're not gonna have family history we're not gonna have any algorithm you have people out there who are adopted and they have no idea what the family as uncle let's just assume they have some sort of cancer and heart disease or whatever and let's just assume it's in your family because if I don't assume that I'm not gonna test you and I understand that there's a big liberal push for us to have more socialized medicine or government run healthcare and government run healthcare is going to need to save money government run healthcare is not going to be able to I individualize for people a government run healthcare system is not gonna like a doctor like me that because what will will will believe it's only that there's something wrong with you which is apt and I've found things I'll either god spoke to me or some that person had a guardian angel but I'm like something's wrong with you ends up having a major aneurysm somebody else having thyroid cancer I'm like I know you're here for something else but something's wrong I need you to do me a favor go and check out your favorite I don't like the way you look I know the hospital said you and heat stroke heat illness or whatever I think it was a heart attack all right there's a cuts there's got all reactions there's instincts there's just something not right that humans could pick up on that computers can't and aren't supposed to computers are not design to pick up on things like that computers are designed to do the best job they can whether it's a ninety six percent accuracy or ninety two percent error because your whatever the better than the other computer and they're designed to save money to the poor for the person using the computer you know we talk about high blood pressure medication I can't tell you how many times I saw African American men and women treated with the wrong blood pressure medication because everybody was so afraid that they were going to be politically correct say look I need to give you a different medication because our bodies built differently than a Caucasian all right African American women seem to lose their potassium more with diuretics I have seen it hundreds of times that's not racist in fact it's racist to not if the knowledge that and say you know what we're just going to treat you like anybody else okay I mean you're hurting people if you're not embracing the racing you're not understanding that we have differences I mean you know people keep trying to fight that women and men are not different and girls and boys are not different physiologically biologically we are were very different medically were different you don't I will support you if you choose to change your gender I will support you in your decision and you know help you if I can but if you have an ovary and you want to be identified as Steve in my medical chart I have got to put that you still have your ovaries because those can turn cancerous same thing with Mary who's a transgender woman if you have **** I need to know about that if you have a prostate I need to know.

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