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And I'm in my hotels, just a couple of blocks down for minute maid park. And I'm like these Astros fans are going crazy. I don't wanna be here when they win because Lance Berkman hit like a little flip home run down that was Crawford boxes, which is like three hundred feet away. And I was pissed so I'm leaving. I'm going to watch the rest of it, my hotel room and so. So when pool holes at the ball off a league. I'm in my hotel room because I didn't wanna watch the Astros. I'm nearly thirty years old when this happens it's inexcusable. This is what this is. How messed up I am. But Tim, I feel your pain. Like when the cardinals lose like, I'm in a horrible mood all day still. I do I'm in a bad mood. You know, and I'm the I'm petty like that like the team that I hate most is always the team. That's beat the cardinal. You know, the the giants. I hate the giants. I I don't understand anyone who like my mom when the cubs were in the World Series a couple years ago, we have family in Chicago. So she was like kinda rooting because. Well, they've never won our families up there. I'm like mom, are you serious? You don't hear mechanic, and I love my mother's best friend in the world. I didn't talk to her for a day. It's horrible. I know that it's the problem. And so I'm trying to develop some emotional maturity when it comes to the the cardinals and the and Mizzou, and I'm I hate the Rams because they left that something by the entire retake down and trying not to be pettily. But I I don't like the way it's more cranky. It's more crimes. They kicked the region on the way out the door. They lied and kind of what we're talking about early. You know, stand up and said, hey, I can't blame you for wanting to move to LA. But don't let I think that's what we don't kick the body on the way out the door. I don't get for the life. We supported them more. So than they're being supported in fans there than the calcium. The Rams fans are undefeated we still get higher. Nielsen ratings for Rams games. Hate wifely Tate washing. It's hard. And now they're gonna go onto. Mizzou football moments or any Mizzou football moment. One of my favorite events. I've ever been to for real like I've been lucky enough to go to a lot of these things beating Kansas to become number one and two thousand seven Tom reasoning has the sod and his helmet as they come off the field anything stand out to you. 'cause we've had some good fortune here over the last ten or eleven years with being a win away from playing for the national championship. Whoever thought that when we were down there. Yeah. I agree. I agree. And and this is a another emotional episode with me because one of my best friends is an oh you fan. So he's been torment Kim strawbridge will probably be listening to this. He is tormented tormented me because he's usually been on the winning side in. I think that was the year where we were one game away. Title rate of the worst still upset about that. And so we've had a lot of heartache as masseuse visit fifth down. And I'm telling you in the in the in when we started talking about Mizzou history that pass interference call last week is one of them. And I'm not one that I know how hard it is to be an official referee. I know that's tough. But that's Deccan Jewish. That was a horrible call. We had an opportunity to beat the number two team in the nation, and it was taken. Now, there's some things that we did that mess it up. So I'm trying to think of, you know, I'm I'm probably with you is, you know, just getting there close to the national title, which I would've never thought. Yeah. And that the the the game against the was it Auburn Auburn in two thousand thirteen or Trey Mason raises yards gain to walk into the building that day and go oh my God. Glove game. Yes. Yes. Yes. I mean, he's got gloves. Seriously, make them throw. Club. But I try not to are on the negative stuff. But his Mizzou fans is hard not to because it, you know, but we've we have some good runs. And. Yeah..

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