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I mean he was just playing guitar. It was just like is out there singing. God only knows. I'm like man that's been send me to four own. There's a very early bootleg of him. Doing when i grow up to be a man which is very fun so okay. We're going long. But i have to tell you the story so i had no no no i. I know this is politics so I had a guy on the phone on the show a few about a month or so ago. Huge stan. oh yes yes And so david talked about that He really liked bruce's doing staying alive. Yeah he liked it. He said he says i think he says often when i 'cause he says when i read the story that that was a one of the ways they wanted to do with in that style ended up doing different for the movie and i said okay he said but i do need to tell you a fun story. He says i've never. I've only seen. I've never seen the. Bg's live but i was able to go to bury gibbs concert once he says he did. I'm on fire at night. And do you know the story behind that dose. So we'll bruce did staying alive. And i think it was berry in boston. That week was like. Hey everyone's talking about this. Cover that boosted of us. Why don't i do one for him. Yes we on fire. And man. I i love the. Bg's their one night. Only live album is one of my most listened to live albums. Ever and i think berry just has the most incredible voice and Absolutely and i love the documentary that huge data on them but anyway so my friend david is like and i gotta admit jesse. I was bitter. Because this is the only chance i've ever had to hear very give. And he's doing a cover doing bruce. He's there are so many songs i want to hear do. Now after the fact. I appreciate it was good but at the time it was like i said yeah. I think that. If you'd never seen bruce before that nashville show right with burning love and satisfaction like really really now i. Of course i've i've seen multiple times and i love it. I someone made a joke. Wants at the band should do a tour of doing nothing but covers. They just have a whole set. And i'm like i go. I go on a minute. They're the best bar band in the world. They are the best bartman the world john. Please be safe. thank you so much. let's stay in touch. I'd love to hear your acdc story. That sounds amazing. So hang tight. Will i close things up listeners. I hope you have enjoyed the conversation. Thank you so much for listening as always please remember to social distance. Wash your hands wearing a mask and let's all be good do each other because that's the only we're going to get through this for now. Thank you and goodbye. Doing a podcast at times can be a one way conversation. And i hate that so please let me know what you like. And don't like about the work i'm.

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