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Tracy. Thanks for that Run around green lake if you do the, inner loop, pretty flats two, point eight, miles nice. Little workout couple If you do the outer, ring that's three point two miles and this time of year of that's what I'll lot of, people are doing including a father who was on with Dory Monson earlier today happens. To be a. Seattle. Firefighter and he was out with, his two year old people do on a beautiful day you're hanging Greenland yeah and then when the weather's nice a lot of times people? Picnicking playing frisbee and then doing some sunbathing who's walking with his two year, old is name is Brett Cameron he and I'll let him tell you what he saw after we got done. We started walking around the week and I saw this this guy, taking photos of a girl inner bikini point he stopped, and he started taking more photos of a. Different girl asked him if he had. Permission He said he? Didn't and I said I'm going to let her know that you're taking photos, so we walked over and informed the the woman let her know she she said he didn't have permission she. Appreciated me stopping him so I walked up to him afterwards and, this is kinda where you like You like I am, kicking myself but I shouldn't have had any kind of confrontation with somebody. While I'm holding my child I just, do not see this playing out the way it played. Out because the way I played. Out is the ended up getting pepper sprayed the man. Was told he was going. To call the police and I, told him that he shouldn't be taking pictures without people's permission and then if, he keeps doing it I'm a report, him and his camera to the police we had a verbal exchange, there he didn't start taking pictures of me and my daughter I asked him. To stop he took? Another photo I said if don't take any more photos or I'm taking your camera. At that point he had this thing around. His wrist and I didn't know what it was, until he starts spraying us and he sprayed her right in, the face and then continue to spray me. You heard him, right he, sprayed the. Two year old, in the face and the dad in the face he didn't know what it was at first I didn't, really know what it. Was at first but the burn. Starts setting in about five. Seconds into it and it was all. Over my daughter's forehead and she was Wiping it off but she's gonna inter. Is she had no? Idea what what it was again is not as to we haven't been back since. I'm sure we will go back she's doing. Great right now she's got to got a big, bruise on her forehead but other than that she's in great, spirits how the police did find the man. With the camera That night s the Seattle police. Got a found out, where he was and. I had a conversation with them interested in that night That is heartbreaking and we appreciate Doria Nicole for that sounded, for that father in for that two year old and I I used to be that guy I used to be the guy that would jump into situations like that without thinking, and it's one of the. Reasons why I got pepper sprayed and sure that story before when I was in Dallas run I. Had a horrible band one, of the worst bands. That you've ever heard of the worst band that you've..

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