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Fan a true crime? Then you've got to check out the court junkie podcast. Imagine being wrongfully convicted for a crime. You didn't commit or imagine your child's killer still on the loose even there's enough evidence for an arrest the court junkie podcast shines a light on the injustices our judicial system by delving into court documents attending trials and interviewing those closest to these cases. Be sure to subscribe on spotify. Podcast one apple podcasts. And many other podcasts. So you can get new episodes. Every week not brief years handling a gay icon without having to be so activists. How did you have you gone to the The Britney art thing no have you okay but like you can't the free movement. That's what see I went. Because he invited me opening nights or go to it and I hadn't really thought through and then after a does like I wonder how much she was involved where this is really her consensual type situation. I'm like she hasn't Gone Gone Gone. She's being held captive with her conservative. Yeah serve a tour ship. This is going to be a whole. Britney thing now. Everyone's coming because I could cry. I Love Brittany. There was two separate divisions of my life. It's like as a kid. It was like Britney Spears like I grew up in it was like people magazine Brittany industrial the show and then once they hit like thirteen fourteen. It was like a Gaga has everything I love Gaga as still up Brittany but like Britney hold such a place in my heart and the Holford anything like so tragic like and you don't know exactly how much of it destroyed much isn't but there's nothing you know his true that it's like grow. I know I know things you can never talk about it like you know behind the kill talking about it. Sometimes because that that's how crazy and hardcore it is and I know you told me after the bottom. Yeah I can tell you own. Maybe I get bogged. You don't have to tell me. Every young people listen everywhere even heard. There's everyone listening to it's like so it's also scary and conspiracy theorist but it's like it's real man it's a real thing and it's very God. I'm so sorry. No it was not a church stop. I'm so sorry it's gender neutral use. I was like dude like that's what I was saying. Okay Oh my God I have. A friend called me due to cancel. I can't up one of those people that go back into a video you can. You call me kicked me again. That's the bucks dot com projecting. Sorry know it's it's real. What are we talking about bringing bugged to? That's real. That is actually really not because like so I got inside. People know where I let people come to the front people drive out. It wouldn't take much and you don't WanNa say wouldn't take much for like someone to find out which apartment I've been in the building and then put something put a camera like. Oh it's easier than that. They can bug your car easily like you know so like even like like outside the in your complex. That's why I moved on my complex. Bugs like he was so scary. Oh Yeah Makarios booked for years and I didn't WanNa Bucko There was a thing with a guy like I never talked about this either but there was something like a politician that like. I was like dating briefly here. He's a California politician. Not like a big enough trump or something like that. You fucked trump too shabby all the way I would probably honestly I mean. I don't know anything. I don't know anything about politics so I don't know about them. Does he like Maryland? Ask you know what I mean. You have a little scandal. Hits your biggest scandal that you've been in my biggest people who say to block face with dark makeup. No not even make up it. Was You know the boss? Your face masks from Sephora. Oh my God these people tweet the picture on there like Oh Blairite musician. I'm like Oh my God psycho people say that about me my videos I see so tan and I have like the tennis and like your remember that era. Yeah I love. I still love Tampa. It's awful for you but Kathy will say crazy shit that you spray foam yes. It's coming off now but I actually embracing illness to now. Like I'm saying I go. I maybe I just have like during the mcaa vibe literally just meet you know He. He thought he was transgender. To did you ever read about that. But doesn't surprise me. A lot of these like rockers. Especially from that era. It's like they have like feminine haircuts. They're kind of feminine away their voice as and they were like this is the pays me. Well he actually thought he was. When I was a kid. Everyone said he was a girl he goes so for me. I was wrong he goes. I literally thought I was for a very long time. And he never really been talking about he just recently. I didn't know that either and I was like this is why Phil Can. Actually he'd literally transgender. I remember growing up and like I used to be a fan. I mean it's still NFL. Star I remember seeing mice based like feels like a whole different era the whole different world like different universe but I remember being like someday he's GonNa Transition. I remember saying that you're saying keep like hot considered it when he was younger. Yeah he's clearly going to write and I respect that I respect people who like let themselves be feminine or Masculine Women. Without having to feel the need to transition to right. Well I guess that's where it confuses me when is it considered trans like why we're so many straight people or gay people offended when it wasn't even about their culture or their people get. Trans people being offended but the funny thing is not very many people were there was a couple Trans youtubers. I came from but you didn't even. I didn't come for you very hard. I would just more so it was more so like a like A. I don't get it and more so like I like her but I don't get this type of thing like you can watch it. Wasn't that bad. You have to allow enough room in your mind for the possibility that maybe it is really how they're feeling right. He's not really. And then you're an asshole if you do come at them and she's not actual. Yeah and I feel like there's no way to convince you only know obviously people in my life like even wanted you to call me. I was like I was balling. I'm like I don't know like this was maybe mistake but this is how I feel. I don't know does you saw you feel things getting out getting money. And she's like she's like no she does. She does youtube but she doesn't do like she used to. I think just like one every couple and she doesn't she's not I wouldn't either if I I would. I would for fine. I wouldn't grind like Ryan. Yeah Oh yeah. We're like on all the time. Erlich pay Nina Video Anita well. She's not. I never really considered her too much of a trans activist. I mean I guess I guess she is. She doesn't talk about it a lot more. So just like socialite right like when I met her like we I went to. I was Jaclyn actually and we went to her table at the Abbey or something and like she was like dancing on the people like Paris. Hilton thing. Yeah okay so that's because I never. I don't know what activists conflict I don't know all that is. I feel like in Africa. Someone who tries to change things right and bring awareness to certain things and I feel like she doesn't. I'm anxious. I don't know I'm so bad I love. Gd I know she's like icon Erica. She was one of the first youtubers to trout. I watched her before I like. I remember watching. Her transition in her movie came out after a transition but before that I watch videos so she's one of the lake the Trans. Oh Yeah Oh my God. It wasn't that I mean I remember your maybe you remember. Do you remember like I really like your like Greg and so when that happened. What was shook? That's what I'm saying like nothing surprised me you know. Now I feel like it's so easy easy but it's a lot easier for people to come out. 'cause it's I mean. Some people can sit like accuse me of drain because it was tricky. Because it's trying to eat but I'm like a lot of people are talking about it more than anything. I think it had a discussion about it. I think a lot more people bringing awareness to transgender. And you know what I will say. I don't feel bad for making video. Kept it up. Because so many people came to me and said they felt some more ways and had some more stories. I was like okay. Well at least opening dialogue of gender fluidity and stuff like that I don't really consider myself gender fluid but that's a different thing. Now I think in your case is more like I said earlier. Not TO REHASH. But it's more of just like it's an ranges like mine was about transition then girls is like it's there but it's not like Shit. I have to go into US. Astronaut Condition Right now. We'll yeah that's like what was it. Like girlfriend. Said he like makes people transition because his his girlfriend transition did not like going by name and stuff. Like will the child's going to prison though? Actually I don't I'm I don't really understand what he did. That was illegal. He moved an underage girl into his home Who was having family issues and then had sex with her underage the second she turned eighteen. He groomed her from the age of fifteen eighteen. And then the second year in the house right. I have never talked with us because like too much like I. I watched it. And he's like a relevant. He's he's relevant but in a bad way. You know what I mean like. I'm just like the hoping he scares me. I don't think I've ever been scared of somebody like scares me. I don't know we never knew my win But Jacqueline Glenn She j- you know her. She hated me at the beginning of my omega. Because she's like atheists and used to make a lot of Christian content. Yeah she came from me. I feel like she controls. Do I mean I like her now? She knows the game. Yeah her a little expert from that doesn't like a native American. He said I was his dream girl like a couple of years ago and it was me dressed as Gerard Way and I was like oh it's social repose. He's like my dream girl and it was like Nina suit and tie with my thank. You cheated on her awful. Wait really you know any of this. I knew he lived in like bump up Virginia and she lived there with him and I was like. Oh a weird fucking scenario. When I met her they were dating and I saw him like in full costume. Bitcoin and I was like. That's Oh lucky hot. No I think he's not as we have different things..

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