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And we went through the, I know you are, but what am I seeing? And thanks for coming in. And that was that. You know, I think by the time I fought my way through traffic, someone had left something on my answering machine, you know, called me and they had offered me the wrong. Jesus. Oh my God. But I didn't know. I didn't know who these people were. I didn't know what it would become. I didn't know that this was going to be the formula. For a comedy in that time period. That in my humble opinion is only matched by like naked gun. Yeah. It's not dated. It's funny. Every time I watch it, and I'm very proud. To be associated with it and Paul, because it was, you know, especially after I, we thought we're talking earlier about being accepting. The gift and doing something with it. That made it even sweeter, or it continues as a gift that just keeps on giving. And Mark, that's got to be exhausting. I heard you talk about Paul as far as the talk show into Paul Rubens for those listening. You know, he's very much like Andy Kaufman or the late Gilbert Godfrey, Andy Kaufman as well. Whereas, you know, he's got to be in this character. That's got to be exhausting after a while. Like he kind of carried it with him on many talk shows, right? That's got to be something tough to put on a persona in your life than take it off behind the scene. I mean, I feel like that's difficult. That can be difficult market. Am I looking at that correctly? Well, this is a character that he developed on stage. And he came up with these wonderful ideas and that character was fully developed. So he could step in and out of it whenever he wanted to. Okay. And Paul is very businesslike and detailed oriented. Sure. So he is very easy just, you know, in the snap of a finger to go from one role to the next. Between takes, you know, the man's a total professional. He was back then before he exploded. On the planet, so I don't know how exhausting it was for him. Shooting the movie, I don't know, you know, if he's put in other situations like, you know, signing autographs with whatever. I mean, he can't stay in character. He can do an in costume. The photo op, but the rest of the time I understand he spends a great deal of time with people and listens and talks and the people a couple hours back in line are going, come on. Come on. Yeah..

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