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Breaking news on w T o P a stolen car in the nation's capital with two Children inside D. C. Police are looking for it. Police say a two year old and a four year old were in the back of a car stolen from New Hampshire Avenue between eighth and Quincy Streets. Northwest that's in the pet worth neighborhood. The car you're looking for is a black 2020 Toyota RAV four with Maryland plates three d y 5327. Again. A black 2020 Toyota RAV four Maryland plates three d y 53 to 7. The car was last seen heading north on New Hampshire Avenue. Anyone with information should call 911 If you see that Toyota RAV four stay with us here on W. T. O P. Also breaking President Trump has approved an extra early start to a period of heightened security in DC related to the inauguration. The original plan was to boost security starting the day before. And ended the day after but following the deadly mob attack at the Capitol and concerns more violence by becoming D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser asked for and the president has now approved stepped up security starting tonight It ends January. 24th. The move means D. C will get more federal help preparing for both the swearing in itself and armed protests that an FBI memo warns are being planned in D, C and all 50 state capitals ahead of the inauguration. The National Guard says it will increase its troop presence in the district to at least 10,000 by this Saturday to boost security ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration Next week. It comes his D. C mayor, Muriel Bowser demands the federal government increased security for the entire inauguration. A similar request was made ahead of President Obama's first swearing in when crowds were expected to exceed a million people. But as we hear now, from W T O peace, Meghan clarity, there's a key difference. This time, it's out of fear of what the crowds might do. The mayor requested the Department of Justice offer a daily FBI threat briefing following the attack on the Capitol. Further, I am requesting the secretary of the Department of the Interior, cancel any and all public gathering permits in the District of Columbia. And deny any applications for public gathering during the period. January 11th through January 24 Meghan Clarity w T O P News, learning more about what crowd permits have been granted in the days surrounding the inauguration, National Park Service records show. Two permits have been granted so far, one with 15 expected participants. In front of the National History Museum, which is religious in nature through the 21st. The other is the Sundays on Lee gathering at the Washington Monument of 60 expected following Gong followers for his speech demonstrators pro trump activists and black Americans marching for reparations are behind some of the five other permits totaling north of 10,000 participants. It's sure to be processing Matt Small W T. O P knew the mayor of D. C, along with the governors of Virginia and Maryland want you to stay out of D. C for the inauguration there urging you to take part. Virtually the three leaders have been meeting to discuss security in our region in the aftermath of the mob attack. They're also thanking every law enforcement officer, Guard member and first responder. Who they say heroically worked to secure the capital and ensure our nation's democracy prevailed. Also breaking tonight to Capitol police officers are suspended following Wednesday's pro Trump riot, Ohio Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan. This is one of the officers was taking Selfies during the attack on the Capitol and a second officer evidently put on a Maga hat was walking people. Not sure all the details. They have been suspended. Someone else has been arrested. But again, we wanna make sure that I want to make sure before I talk to you. I know the exact details. Ryan says other officers are under scrutiny for what they did or did not do during the siege. He chairs the subcommittee with oversight of Capitol Hill, and he says another person has been arrested. But he didn't know whether that person was a police officer or part of the National Guard. And he says more details are coming later. And an Anna Randall County police officers suspended with pay tonight. The unidentified officer is accused of being involved in the riot at the Capitol. The police department in the feds are investigating. Now we reached out here a w T o P to Anna Randall County police for them to explain. What does it mean that the officer was involved in the riot, and they say they're not releasing any more information right now. The hunt is on for more info, though about how last week's attack on the Capitol came about investigators are trying to determine if and or when the deadly riot was planned. Based on details from sources, a December 19th tweet from President Trump may have played a role, he said in that tweet big protest in D. C on January 6th be there will be wild. Those words, according to post on social media sites frequented by extremists were interpreted to be according to an intelligence source. Ah, hidden message to encourage them to take action. At that point, the plotting and strategizing on social media began with plenty of talk about guns and targeting people. A J green w T o P News still to come. Covert 19 vaccines were created in record time. But the process of getting people inoculated is going frustratingly slowly. We've been hearing from politico that Joe Biden has been scolding his covert team for not moving quickly enough. After traffic.

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