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Are begging fans of theirs to show up for a Champions League match? By the way, know not a match against like a small Russian club or Victoria plants, and we're talking about Spanish opposition team that people have heard. I know they're struggling in the league, but still on this club that cherishes the European that's not an under twenty three match or or you know, a preseason friendlier. So this is a championship game against Valencia. Yeah, capacity at Old Trafford seventy five thousand. They did wind up with seventy three thousand five hundred. Not a sell out which again, champions they get Old Trafford I think is disappointing up at the fact that that's heck's message is being sent by the club to fans day of the match these. The fans are. They're growing tired of what they're seeing right now. I, I can't necessarily say that I blame them. This is not like me ripping on fans for being bad fans. I you know, I get. There's there's frustration there and for whatever reason, whether it's the manager, whether it's players, they just don't really seem to feel a connection to this team right now and they're starting to show it. I wanted to Mark old bridge, go to the game. God, we gotta get him on this. We have to get him on the podcast. We really do my red carrots up. Well, Steve, Bruce, Andrew sacked by Aston Villa this morning, and it Twas a pretty undignified end to his tenure. So villa blow. Tuna lead last night against Preston. Then they made a last minute penalty to win an ended up drawing three, three at home to Preston. The game was it was crazy. It really was. It was tobacco prior to the game, though. Aston Villa manager. Well, actually, let's just play then Huilan's his penalty that I mean, it could have been a four, three win for villa. But this happened at glad we got the chance to win, instill pitch time any Maxwell saves. And that's the final whistle. It was the last kick of the match an unforgettable match, Phillip. Now, I'm sure Bruce thought the writing was on the wall. There not is that was one that they should have one and they didn't. So I'm sure he thought he was going to get as the old song says sacked in the morning, but this was even before the game. Steve. Bruce was hit with a cabbage, some fine brought a cabbage Villa Park and threw it out Steve Bruce. So now, Andrew, if you'll allow me, I would like to place this cabbage in the context of vegetables in the English game play the sad music. Graham Taylor gets up superimposed on his head by the tabloids as his England side fall, turn failed, qualify for World Cup, nineteen Ninety-four. It's fan yarn, Ericsson injurious sweet and sour puns as his England draw two, two with his native Sweden at World Cup, two thousand and six feuded. No, the Swede is a root vegetable and a member of the turn of family that originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip and now it comes full circle. Andrew. Finally, eighteen a man brings a cabbage to villa pack, frozen that Steve, Bruce in protest at one win in nine games, West Midlands. Police are trying to identify the assailant. That's emotional. That is sad. That's vegetables in English football brought to you by caught off site caught off sides, man of the match my man of the match JJ kinda referenced this a little bit earlier, but I'll start with this props to Dustin gray who sent the story to us on Twitter, and it's one that we miss from actually back in late August. But I've only seen it now and I was once told it's better to be late than never the story sent us was sort of a follow up on the tragedy surrounding I x is young feel happy Nori which we covered originally. Yeah, you may remember that in a friendly against verte Bremen back in July twenty seventeen. He he collapsed with what was later diagnosed as a cardiac arrhythmia. He survived but suffered serious permanent brain damage. Eventually he was able to start breathing on his own. And then this past August, he came out of what had been a year long coma. His brother said that he can recognize people and communicate in very small way. It's it's an awful story..

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