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Home welcome and keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley. We of course a recording live from new york city because of the virus can denier in separate places. But you know new york city right yellow cab gypsy cab dollar cab hollow back new york city and what an exciting place can. There's live here most of your life. Right since i was four games. I moved from the country somerset. Pennsylvania close the pittsburgh but definitely the country. And i just on news article today somerset. Man arrested for threatening three with the sword. That somerset. Now that somerset. A summer man is facing charges for threatening three people with the sword causing police to break down the apartment door. Elliot's har- forty two of somerset. I'm forty seven hour. Nobody in my family knows recognizes this last name though okay. It's a very small area so yeah normally small area. He was arrested. Honest the street. That i lived on when i was on my own arrested wednesday morning after police were called to an apartment building on east patriot street. That's where i was police report. They were unable to get into the building when they heard horror scream quote. I'll fucking kill you by the way. It's their their buildings in somerset. We had the you mean. Yeah we like caves. We have buildings like like apartment buildings as opposed to houses that are maybe two family houses or you lived in an apartment building. No would have been a house turned into an apartment. Okay that's how. I pictured the whole neighborhood yes. They kicked the door open and went to the second floor to find another lock door. Oh you don't wanna make gobs mad another door. Police were able to remove the pins from the door when they found hard at the top of the stairs please ordered him to To the ground with the guns drawn he complied was taken into custody without incident. I don't understand the taking the pins out of the door. I mean they might have contraption but it's not like copsey second door and go but the architecture they must respect it. But i think new york cops are you know or cups in general sound like they love the breaking down of doors for them to to detach the screws. Is that what they're doing supposedly. Yeah it's it's very nice. And also at first i was thinking. Wow a sword. That's gotta be drugs but then guns drawn and the guy puts it down. That means you you can get into your right mind. Which drugs doesn't allow that willy nilly and it also doesn't mean a break in psychosis for a long time because he put it down which means this man just got a level of angry for awhile to take out a sword and threatened. This sounds like love's right well three p. Three people he was in love with that can create a mess. Look at your neighborhood became progressive. We all need something to take the edge off. And i got something for you. It's legal and it doesn't cause you to pick up swords fields.

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