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Said elizabeth had moved in with a friend from school and during that time she had some self discovery she realized she was attracted to women after her very religious mom found out. The elizabeth was dating women. The tension between them grew eventually things between elizabeth and her mom healed some and her mom helped her by co-signing on an apartment for her. That was about the time. Elizabeth had met christie mayhew christie ended up moving into the apartment with elizabeth. While they did date briefly they had more of a friendship than anything. Living together was financially helpful for both women and their friendship. Well it was priceless elizabeth. Who is still trying to figure out who she was. Got pregnant at the age of twenty some time before. The summer of nineteen ninety-four. Her sister's ex havi air heard the news as well and he buzz constantly around elizabeth telling her he would take care of her and the baby. Elizabeth didn't want vir around and she told him as much. Heavier was livid. Elizabeth would reject him like this. How dare she with the behavior of spoiled child. He knew he'd make elizabeth pay for the years of rebuffing. His advances all the while he would still be trying to woo. her hobby. Air continued his gestures by sending elizabeth love letters and he would profess his love for her on her phone answering machine elizabeth. She ghosted them. Meanwhile elizabeth's belly was growing with life inside. She was excited and nervous for her baby to come. She knew she'd be okay after all our friend. Cassie was pretty much raising her. Two kids without the father and now so was her sister. Even with havi are in the picture some of the time elizabeth knew she was a strong woman. She too could do this. Plus she had her three best friends and she knew that they would help her if she needed it. Elizabeth besties were important to her especially since she didn't have a whole lot of parental support because of her lifestyle times. Were rough just being a hispanic woman in a conservative city in a conservative state let alone a lesbian but to have three friends in the same boat. It added some comfort to her situation in july. Nineteen ninety four. Elizabeth told her sister rosemary that she'd be happy to watch her then seven and nine year old nieces. That way or sister could go do a little traveling for a week. The week was gonna be july twenty fifth through july thirty first elizabeth's besties anna and cassie would come over and help entertain the nieces along with elizabeth's rheumy another best d. christie. The week went pretty well without too much incident or so. The young women thought two months later in september of ninety four a horrid shit show of lies would begin to terrorize our lesbian protagonist. Who became known as the san antonio four while staying with their father hobby early mon in their grandmother hobbies mom. The nieces were playing with their barbie dolls. They started to address them as kids. Do they may have even done some inappropriate things with the barbies. Trust me as a former care provider for children and a mandatory reporter of child abuse this type of behavior in kids the undressing even some minor inappropriate things like making the barbies or barbie and can have sex. It's pretty characteristically on par for kids of seven and nine years old. It's human curiosity but the girl's grandmother and havi air flipped out truthfully. I'm not so sure. Heavier flipped out as much as he thought. Here's my chance to get back at elizabeth. The grandmother and javier started to yell at the girls demanding to know where they learn. This behavior soon obviously was asking if they learned it from their aunt. Elizabeth and her friends somehow whole nasty. Little story was contrived and it was placed into the mouths of the nieces at heavier and his mother's insistence. The girls were forced to relay their story to the police. The nieces told of sexual assaults by the four young women at their tia's apartment. The girl said that their tia and her friends would walk around the apartment topless. They also said that the lesbians were drunk on tequila and they made a little girls participate in orgies with them. They're tia was leader. She would hold the girls down by their wrists and ankles. While the other young women would insert items into their vaginas including tampons coated in some type of gel. The girls said the women used a gun and knives to make them comply. The young women told the girls if they told anyone they'd hurt their family or friends repeatedly violated them before they allowed them to take a shower and play again at the time of these claims. There was a national hysteria. Over ritual. listrik child abuse people harming or killing kids for demonic rituals daycares. Were being accused of mass child abuse. Children were telling authorities that they were being taken out on a boat sexually molested thrown overboard until may almost drowned and then they were rescued by their attackers. It was all part of the satanic panic. The san antonio police had learned the four women being accused had all just come out as lesbians to their family. That's all the police needed to know. Even as far fetched children's story sounded. They were gonna witch-hunt these four women make damn sure. They paid for a crime whether they did it or not but other than the nieces allegations. What evidence was there that a crime had been committed. The nieces were taken to a pediatrician named dr kellogg. She gave the girls a complete examination including xrays. An ultrasound to determine that there was scarring on the girls high winds that immediately made the doctor believed that the nieces had been penetrated by something even though their hymens were still intact with that evidence the fact that the young women being accused were lesbians and the nieces testimonies was enough to make the san antonio four suspects to a very heinous crime one early evening after elizabeth had just gotten home from her shifted. And arby's there was a knock on the door. She opened the door to a homicide detective from the san antonio police department elizabeth immediately had an an easy feeling thinking someone she knew had been murdered. The detective seem friendly enough. He told her he was helping out with a sex crime case. He asked if she'd come down to the station and answer some questions for him. Lisbeth did as the detective ass once at the station. The detective asked elizabeth if she knew hobby aaron his two.

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