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I would stay away. What else do you have? Okay. We could put up as a poll. Was it a home run or not? Do you want to get the consensus on that? That's possibility. Another option. What would you watch tonight? You get the Red Sox Astros. I believe LeBron's Laker debut and the Broncos cardinals for me. It seems easy. I'd watch LeBron. Yeah, you have to watch the. Yeah, I don't think I think you can watch all three easily, but. But you only get to pick one yet. No, I'm saying, but yeah, I understand Paul, but. You gotta LeBron's at the number one choice. They're just scolded love. Just saying that I understood the concept where we were going. Yeah, yeah. You only get to watch one to one of three, not three. No. The truth is you can watch baseball game catch two movies and three other games with no problem. Flip back, hey, I was doing that last night. I'm flipping all around. I'm watching NBA much in baseball. I watched a modern day Saint John Bosco high school game from over the weekend. What wasn't live? No, you're watching California high school football us? I was, but these are two of the best teams of the country and I'm flipping around. I want to see how good these quarterbacks are. One I believe is going to be a star. Maybe both are going to be stars, but those are two great programs. I'm flipping around all of a sudden I'm watching a quarter of modern day. I'm watching the second quarter modern day. Saint John Bosco. Yeah, Mikla. Where do you put Broncos at cardinals? Watch ability wise might be ugly. It's it's not high on my my viewing pattern tonight. But I'm curious to see how case keenum does. I'm curious how that cardinal defense is a wanna, see, Josh Rosen, you know, it's sort of a primetime coming out. Let's see how Josh Rosen is, but I get the feeling, you know, things go south for the Broncos. You might have a coaching change and maybe a have a quarterback change. So it might be the aftershocks of the game and not the game itself? Yes. Plus you had the Minnesota high school girls volleyball. Chaipas shift tonight. If I if I need to watch it and I might might breeze through there on direct TV you go into the six hundreds. There's so much there and I, you know, I'm watching replace sometimes, you know, I am rears of games, but then you get baseball takes so long. So you can always flip back and go, oh, I missed one batter and that could be a half hour later. Yeah, mclovin you have a fascination with mid level to poor. Or Western Conference teams to join. You always have taken effect. Kings or sons are on, watch out, Idaho against Montana state. I watched a little bit of the rear of the yesterday that was yesterday afternoon in the snow too. So I watched a little bit of that. Yeah, fritzy in last night in particular was like eleven o'clock eastern time. And it was only like the top of the sixth. So you're if you're committing to that game for the outcome in even if it doesn't go extra innings. Now you're talking about twelve twelve thirty at night for nine innings. I watched de'andre eight last night. I watched a little bit of hawks Knicks Kemba Walker went off last night. Mogambo hit a three. So I remember when I was joking when I said you can have more careful Ben Simmons or mogambo who hits a three, I and I said, I'm taking mo- baba. And maybe I was selling him short on his offense because mogambo talent is not as good as atan eight and a good night. Last night. I was like watching Luca Danni chick as well. It's all right. These are. These are. You just can't overreact to this when you like mellow last night..

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