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Blaming his predecessor for eight years he couldn't come out of the malays that he he inherited by the way he inherited things at their low ebb that should have been the easiest time to have growth oh yeah when things are rock bottom that usually when you can get the most growth on his failure was spectacular i mean or was it was earthshattering so um you're on what trump does have some good things were correct me if i'm wrong here but have you heard really her donald trump blaming trump for anything i mean blaming brock obama for anything we really only a little bit but not much you he still goes after hillary for most almost everything crooked hillary get crooked hillary had i don't i don't hear much of him saying wow yeah awareness quagmire right now because of brecqhou bomber i don't really hear much of that tell me this who would be our strongest candidate and 2020 you know who i really like right now who it's only because she told the un to pound said i look dick haley i i'll tell you what i have my whole life i've been waiting for somebody to tell the un they're the bar seen from star wars you're basically she just said you know what we're tired of financing this thing and if you guys don't your party up its third back in us on a few things were done i love that if if donald trump by the way he will run but if donald trump decided hey i'm not gonna run okay i did four years i gotta go on the right direction i'm happy i'm going back to what i'm going to do who would be the best one to step in nikki haley would be a very very strong choice to jump in as the next candidate so what do you like that because you're so you can act like he likes somebody better uh i don't know what look if you're just talk it once again this is and i when i talk best candidate i'm never talking about the person i like the most or agree with the most i'm talking the one would sell the best to the.

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