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To do this game in and game out then they're going to win some games in the back half. Is it going to be tough? I don't know but they're going to win some games. I know but that's again where you start to say every game seems losable because you've seen them Get Smoked by San Francisco an ugly game against Denver. If you're going to lose to these teams, certainly you could lose to some of the opponents left on the remainder of the Slate, but then also your name And say yeah Texans certainly winnable game, right? Sure. Yeah. They're they're they're tough. But you Chargers Rams dolphins dolphins are playing great right now with us again Jets. I mean you finish with those three AFC East games. You're not looking at the schedule saying I mean the Baltimore game was penciled in as a loss and they want it. There's no other game here, you're penciling in an automatic loss each week you enter it and say this is winnable. And so again you start to stack a few of this together things change. What gets a little tricky here is the AFC is insanely top-heavy right now with teams with creatures have to climb a few. Yeah, they got basically Ten teams fighting for the seven spots if you include the Patriots and the Patriots are the only like everybody else six and three really sub five hundred T. It's it's going to be a long uphill battle for them to be able to fight their way back in the play-offs, but I'll take this over what we saw against Denver when we song Against the Niners at least be competitive in last two weeks that we've gotten a decent product. I mean tonight in the first half. I thought that was the best product football product that we probably gotten that was their best half football both sides of the ball. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah again something to build on still a lot of people out here Evan. I want to see if anybody wants to say anything here in the chat or is it just it's all people just talk about what they're going to do at quarterback next year and and and the kill hatred. Yes because I did I have a lot of the family wedding everybody who's better than the Keel. Yeah. They just like to get me going that they said you were viewer better on when you also better receiver than the Keel. We should give the offense of line some credit though. I feel like I haven't given them enough credit their job at run blocking is it's fun to watch. I know it's not necessarily the the sexiest thing to talk about and we all love to see the Deep ball. We all love to see them, you know, throw them. Fall and things like that. Everybody's clamouring to see them throw the ball, but in terms of the run-blocking, this is an absolute clinic for about three-quarters on how to run block crack tosses lead box off our counter. I so I mean it was everything right they just they had the whole repertoire throwing everything add them. They had some extremely thunderous double-team box to Michael. I knew in Jack Mason on the right side Joe Toney and Isaiah Wynn on the left side. Just moving the offensive line played a man's game tonight. Yeah, that's just I mean at the end of the day that's football right down in the trenches and your guys against our guys and tonight the Patriots guys want the first half that offensive line set a tone and that that really that really was it for the game. We're going to wrap it up. Last time will tell you manscaped 20% off free shipping, press pass 20 is the code. Once again use the code, press past 20 get 20% off.

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