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Of polling places. I think they. Should just really care about more. About their voters because it didn't really feel. Like we were cared about they are overwhelmed they don't have enough people. Staff they don't have enough machines or voting centers I think that so many boats are being lost because of the organization this more confused than ever Which is really frustrating because voting is so important so we people. Get turned off by difficulty they don't vote so what happens Jessica name is Maricopa County reporter for the Arizona, Republic, so, recently in Maricopa County we have implemented, this new form of checking. In to get your ballot. So it's supposed to be easier for the voters in that you just scan your ID and. It will get you the correct form of ballot that you need to vote but unfortunately sixty two of those polling places without equipment were not. Set up and ready for voters on Tuesday morning now it sounds like there was some sort of miscommunication between the Maricopa. County recorder's office. And a contractor they were using. To actually set up that equipment a lot. Of those machines we were told weren't even set up or plugged in. And connected to the internet Service to be able to. Accept, voters when polls opened at six AM you had reported that the recorder's office who handled this process they knew about these problems beforehand they were trying. To deal with it overnight why did they end up still using these machines if they knew they weren't working Well, they were working at most of the sites why they didn't implement some kind of backup strategy for those sites that were set up is something that we've been asking along? With a lot of other questions. They kind of went radio silent on us. Yesterday so we've been trying to figure out was? There a backup plan in place How long did it take for all of these sites to. Open, we were. Still hearing from voters that they were having difficulties and, being asked to fill out provisional ballots which a lot of voters don't? Like, to do because it means that it won't actually be counted until later in the week that can't be automatically counted like you expect it to be when you go to a polling place right of course. Is it clear yet who is to blame for. This whether it be the the government, or the company that created these machines Both of those entities are trading blame bright now. The county recorder has said that he takes full responsibility but there was discussion. That you know it was the contractor who. Failed to send enough technicians to set all of this equipment now we got our hands on the contract between the. County and the company yesterday and it does appear that the section of that contract that talks about how many people should have been available to set? Up the equipment could have been read in two different ways and it was in fact read in two different ways by both the county and the contractor now why a discussion hadn't occurred prior to Monday in which everything was confirmed that's one of our big questions as well so just go just one last thing we heard from. Some. Voters at. The top who were unhappy with the situation is there? Now concern that this could erode trust in the system in advance of Very important November elections It is definitely something. That is concerning voters there will be a lot more people voting, in November we expect and there is some concern that voters might be frustrated or not, trusting of the process which is something that we're talking about across, the country, right now Jessica beim is Maricopa County reporter, for the Zona Republic Jessica thank you for your reporting thank you.

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