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To recapture lost ground some results are and gary find wins at new territories in the east alleged co seat tony aides say reclaims his seat i'll knock then wins hong kong island recount underway for colin west white house said to make school safety proposal some time today some kind of pronouncement as cnn report growing calls uk to crackdown on russian influence in britain if an investigation the term is latimer putin's government played a role in the poisoning last week of former russian spy meanwhile dame sally davies england's chief medical officer is warning people in the pub and restaurant where the victims died that trace radioactive particles have now been found whilst clothing you have no ready ideally in the washing machine any items which cannot be wealth and would normally be drycleaned should be doubled bank didn't plastic until further information is available a little scary davis says longterm exposure can be harmful she also says cell phones glasses jewelry needs to be clean and a footnote footnote to all the news today uh when us president trump spoke at a rally in pennsylvania he took a shot a democratic congressman maxine waters calling her of very low iq individual treasury secretary steven mnuchin on nbc kind of explains the president likes making funny names global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries in san francisco funny name i'm ed baxter this is bloomberg brian handcrafted an excellent as usual ed thank you very nice that was a very good report uh so we're up to date on news let's get up to date on for tiger so close but i know you want to first go to the end see devil aid on act on its that's right brian today's selection sunday for the nc aa basketball tournament pershing it is the top seed in the south and villanova is the top seed in the east kansas city is the number one seat in the midwest savior as the top seed in the west region the acc lead all conferences with nine teams and big dance followed by the sec with eight teams in golf park ac one the val spark championship finishing at ten under par for his second career win tiger woods and patrick read are tied for the tied for second place one shot back after were tiger said he felt good out on the.

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