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And i this was sort of a revelation for me of time to we don't believe you can probably differ now but i about i don't trip a lot of german wind at home i'm not aware of it being really anywhere but the the white wind that we had in germany in that trip for this is back in two thousand three i think was amazing is just amazing and i and i think i ten a thing or resigning as being very sweep and for myself like right now like the alcohol that i drink is typically whine which is firmly low in cars or our they'll call which is with literally zero currently romer wispy or whatever that's there's no hurts not but i wouldn't drink bristling because reason in sweden with you know probably be higher in carson say what can try white one one of the but the thing is in germany this reason is all kinds of different what i was actually right if it it's it's actually fantastic i'm so might and ish goal i we went to a bit but that they're all the arizona pitches from the guy was with sometimes you know that has the size of his had it was literally like some i don't know but you know it in china clausen and i'm looking at the ones and or other many choices right and so the white wind is says like it's like bristling reason wrestling you know and then this like he's read lines and they're not from germany right so there was like a red wine from it way that actually happen like quite a bit knows kind of like i spent i guess on that one is right lines and then away with home honestly i'm in germany star break right and it's enter grant has that and i don't know what really are good i yeah you know i get i get over and this is been like a reminder that they need to go look for the stuff because it's a lot like i should i wanna winds like this you can get chart days that are all over the map you know.

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