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With your host c._j. Christopher pepe peps three hundred in seventy plus guy and all of the football club and host of lisette podcast leases at least this way. I read the heavy back once again for an amazing fall. Two thousand nineteen is on the way we know. The dog is im- bali but i haven't come ball myself to know what we're doing this from diff- comb. One pip has placed number one. That's where we're doing these addition. We're doing a bit of a review of the first games of the n._f._l. Falls a thursday in the fraud. I not geiman help us is back. We've got one of our originals. He was with us in the early days and back bligh. Non popular demand the love machine. Mike pepe hello everybody well. It's good to be back checking your old stomping ground which is a euro bedroom at mom and dad's we are at ground zero. That's the way we're recording. Thank you for that very complimentary. Welcome the <hes> basically was pulled out of the reserves for this jason unfortunate timing by john but it's great to be here and looking forward to discussing the first two matches of the finals well. It was a little bit difficult got on last week in bali. Unfortunately it was happy aaron salmon yak as we speak in thing so we brought you in but we bring you can't have the yang you can't have the the reason without the fees fees and you can have the love machine without the love. Mike beautiful wars laura's here laura how're you. It's special guest guest of the guest based on the podcast. Give y'all two saints of the first three games of the today laura. I'm great brother-in-law crease very nice and i'm very honored to be a part of your show for a little while tonight. We're having to be a bit of a update from all first two games of the n._f._l. Thursday night game between the west coast eagles then the obama's of essendon and last night skying the collingwood magpies doing a number on the jalaun cats or having a bit of a chat about that first two guys. What's your opinion so far beyond the state of football that you've seen so far well considering. I had to put my emotions away. Thinking that my beloved damon's would have been there <hes> which was hard but and we all know what's happened there and we'll push onto next g the the first game was interesting. I think <hes> given the fact that we had the experience of playing lying with west coast lost g when you lock at the home ground <hes> cried for them up they pretty much usually unstoppable but there was something in my pregnant belly in my waters that made me think that incident modify the price this one. What do you think crease absolutely no chance whatsoever so if we got back to the fraud and that guy let's talk about friday nights at op the stadium the eagles of the west coast one hundred sixteen took out the bombers of sixty one points and all. I'm gonna say lorries. It was on thursday. Thank you very random <hes> correct. This podcast is sponsored by the cricketers arms pile beautiful beautiful properties when we had john cheddar earlier in the week it was almost seven teams who applying falls this week and it's normal making up the numbers prove in theory it was proved that will blown away in the first quarter absolutely destroyed six calls three and then we gotta get back in you know it was actually falling good to say the west coast of last last year is something this week and it's sitting up very tasty game to happen next friday versus the cats potentially initially at the g and we own our everybody loves the <hes> that's right but as i was saying before christie only reason why i thought the bomas may have done at this time is the fact that they did surprises end mike and state.

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