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AP news item the governors of thirty four states if told four ordered residents to shelter in place to reduce the spread of the corona virus but president trump has been reluctant to issue a national quarantine AP soccer Madani has more the president's sounding an alarm this could be a hell of a bad two weeks and is urging Americans to stay home to stem the spread the president's reluctant to push them into essentially helping create a nationwide quarantine Surgeon General Jerome Adams tells ABC's Good Morning America the nation's federalist system leaves much of that authority to state and local leaders we trust the governors and the mayors to understand their people and understand whether or not they feel like they can trust the people in their states to make the right decisions Sager made Ghani Washington justice afternoon Florida governor Ron DeSantis became the latest to issue such an order I'm gonna be doing an executive order today directing all Floridians to limit movements and personal interactions outside at the home to only those necessary to obtain provide essential services or conduct essential activities New York governor Andrew Cuomo tells his counterparts said the people of their states look at us today see yourself tomorrow there are now nineteen hundred deaths in New York state more than a thousand in New York City cases in the US have grown to one hundred ninety thousand and forty one hundred deaths the White House issued a dire warning yesterday that the death toll could reach from one hundred thousand to two hundred forty thousand estimates the doctor Anthony Fauci says is a rangy and others are pushing to avoid I don't want to be a mixed message this is the thing that we need to anticipate but that doesn't mean that that's what we're going to accept we want to do much much better than that Wall Street continues its trend downward today the Dow in mid afternoon trading was down three point eight percent while the S. and P. is off by one hundred points this is a P. news a British actor who worked on some of the Star Wars movies has died in the corona virus pandemic AP entertainment editor Oscar wells Gabriel has more thank you Jack has died in the U. K. as a result of contracting co that nineteen his agent says Jack was being treated at a hospital when he passed away at age seventy six in Surrey Jack was in three Star Wars films episode eight the last Jedi knight solo a Star Wars story and in episode seven the force awakens his wife Gabriel Rogers says Jack died just two days after being diagnosed Jack also worked as a dialect coach I'm Oscar wells Gabriel a tractor trailer hauling toilet paper crashed and burned near Dallas this morning spilling rolls of TP all over interstate twenty police say the driver of the truck is okay the toilet paper appears to have been large roles typically used in stores restaurants and other businesses I timid wire AP news AP.

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