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Ap radio news i'm rita foley lay michigan congressman john conyers says he didn't do anything wrong but oh former deputy chief of staff has now come forward saying he made unwanted sexual advances and touched her inappropriately years ago a previous staffer reportedly was paid twenty seven thousand dollars to privately settle a complaint that she was fired after rejecting conyers sexual attention conyers lawyer dodged when asked whether conyers would allow the woman to talk publicly about her claim what i would support as individuals who say that they have been harassed wanted some type of agreement is put in front of you and not been doing this for the better part of twenty years is you say you are harassed dole side go to try arnold reid was on msnbc president trump will try to win over some reluctant republicans today when he goes to capitol hill in search of votes for the gop tax bill ap correspondent surely smith is in washington at republicans indicate they still have a way to go to secure the votes among the holdouts our deficit hawks who worry that the tax cuts for businesses and individuals would add to the nation's mounting twenty trillion dollar debt there are also small business advocates who say the bill doesn't cut those companies taxes enough a court will decide who will run the consumer financial protection bureau the deputy director put in place by her boss on his departure or the man president trump dropped into the job budget director mick mulvaney who is called the agency a joke this agency will stay open rumors that i'm going to upset the place on fire or blow it up or locked the doors are completely false the us military says a russian fighter flew within fifty feet of a us navy reconnaissance jet over the black sea causing turbulence that knocked the american plane into a roll this is ap radio news.

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