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He's he's a first round draft. Pick if he goes out this year it has double digits acts the steelers if they wanna keep him they're going to have to pony up some money because because outside linebackers or edge pass rushers in the n._f._l. That can accrue dotage zack's or not comet with that being said if he goes out has a very average season for budget pre standards has about five six six and a half sacks steelers can offer him a low ball deal and i'd say look. You've never really perform that well. You can test the freedom offers but this deal. You're gonna find is pretty fair. So what did they do with haight. They could eat need the money they can say. We're going to pay him his eleven million this year and we're going to bite the bullet this season in the next year not always hayden's eleven million off the books folks priscilla's antonio brown's mr third and fifth as we call here on these programs mr third fifth his money will be off his dead cap spe taste will be cleared and hit will be he will be able to think about the cap space that they would have without this two players on the books but does is joe haden performance on the field trump anything that relates to just a strictly business decision. That's the tough of question here so should it be a priority in my opinion. Joe haden extension should aid should end. I think is a priority for the pittsburgh steelers. I'm gonna tell you why first and foremost steelers. I'm trying to go. She ate a brand new contract correct. I am not interested in hearing joe haden wanting an extension y. I don't want to pay him eleven million dollars in two thousand nineteen <unk> period with this being said okay so two thousand in nineteen. I wanna get that cap number down. Let's say a we can get it from eleven million to i'll go with five million getting in five a million. That's what i'd like to see so now. You're saving six million dollars this year combine that with the two it money which is a little over the three and you've now created almost ten million dollars in cap space now lance williams chimes in and this is a great question and says why would you take less. He's not taking less. He's going to get that money to save money that he would be getting this season. In a signing bonus..

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