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Being chased into restaurants. You know, I find certain politicians on Capitol Hill contemptible. I would never go into a restaurant and confront them or disrupt their dinner anything of the kind. Neither would you. It's a totally different mindset. I wouldn't go to a protest with a bag of with a sock full of pennies or coins Iraq's forever for the purpose of slamming. Somebody in the back of the head would you? I think that. What the left has reaped is upon us. I really believe that. And we're always on defense. They're never on defense. Jonathan Lexington Kentucky. They great w v. Okay, go. Hey, mark. How're you doing today? Very well. Thank you, sir. So I wanted to come in and talk come on and talk about my governor Matt Bevin. So I don't have cable. So I wasn't able to watch your show. But I. Let me just say he's doing a bang-up job that doesn't even. If he doesn't even the tip of the iceberg. But let me let me just say one of the reasons I was disappointed that the time. It was aired among many is a believe this main as presidential material. And I think a great disservice was done to you to me to him on Sunday night. I think he's presidential material. And I. I thought he demonstrated that during the course of the interview, and he was talking about the national scene, and so forth, wasn't a parochial interview of any kind. But he's got charisma. He's extremely articulate. He's very conservative. Outstanding. I would say during the primaries that if Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, it'd be met that and he had the rock grit conservative values truth, but the straightforward attitude of Donald Trump. But despite that, no matter who I talked to in Kentucky. Everyone hates him for some reason. I'll tell you why. And I don't know about everyone because he's taking on you've got a disastrous pension situation. You're the worst in the entire country worse than New York, Illinois in California. He pushed for right to. Right to work in your state. He's pushed to to cut spending and cut taxes. So he's doing all those things. Were the entrenched left and their supporters in government and in the media oppose? So he's being trashed. But but he really is terrific in many respects. And I'm so grateful that you said that because people need to hear this. And if we elect him out next year then same on that. We don't deserve. All right, Jonathan thank you for your call. Let's go to John Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the great W P H T go. Hey, mark. Welcome on the Philadelphia. How are you? Thank you, buddy. I'm great. Thank you. Good. Good. Yeah. It's like nobody can lift Kathy Griffin says, it's okay, right? Yeah. Right. So. Where in Philadelphia are you right now where are you from Philadelphia? I'm in Mercer county, New Jersey, so bursar bucks new. Yep. Yep. Yep. Real nice, Delaware Delaware river Indian summer. So we're ourselves. All right. Go right ahead of the Democrats have something that's working. I mean, they use this in general it almost worked against Trump. They improved it in squeak by in Alabama Senate special election, and now they're trying to perfect it against capital. And I really don't see how to counter again, unless its financials if they can go after somebody else's financial because it seems people you hung up on sex or on money. And so I I'm looking for a way to to to beat this back. You just fight them with the truth. That's all you can reminds me of the story the king when they had the new crop of the green came in. And you know, he started feeding it to people they all started going insane. And he's like what are we going to do? What are we gonna do? They had some green leftover from last year, and you set aside some people make the only last year grain, but these Democrats are certainly issues. Greg discouraging. I love your show. Try try and keep your keep keep digging it out. All right, John. I appreciate your call. Let's continue. Gordon, Salem, Oregon. The great S L M go. Appreciate what you're doing the segment at the bottom of the first hour about the federalist papers and wanted to add one thing to that. Yeah. John Adams understood that even Republican isn't that they were come up wasn't enough. When he said that. Our constitution wasn't made for her was made only for a moral and religious people and wholly inadequate to the governance of any other. Really, I agree. But it doesn't do us any damn good. We're living in the middle of this thing. And we're trying to save it. Right. Right. That's that's why we need to get people back to religion and morality. But I also had a question. From the cabinet thing. Just watching all that nonsense. Wondering how many people would we have in politics? Have teen foolishness disqualified them. Well, we'd have very few on the Republican side on the Democrats side. How many people will you politics of adult foolishness define them. And I think every damn one them. Thank you for your call, my friend. And the worst the higher up the democrat chain they go Bill Clinton's accused of rape. They nominate him for president Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick doesn't require any further explanation. He's the darling of the left and always will be right when go right down the list. The White House has responded to this New York Times hit Fred Trump has been gone for nearly twenty years, and it's sad to witness this misleading attack against the Trump family by the failing New York Times, many decades ago, the IRS reviewed and signed off on these transactions the New York Times and other media outlets credibility with the American people is at an all time low because they are consumed with attacking the president and his family instead of reporting the news the truth is the market is an all time high unemployment is at a fifty year, low taxes for families and businesses have been cut wages are up and so forth. And so on. Perhaps another apology from the New York Times like the one they had to issue after they got the twenty sixteen election. Some Barras.

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