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This is fresh air Sunday nights. He's the end of the seventh and final season of veep the acclaimed HBO political satirical series, starring Julia, Louis Dreyfuss as a politician, she's won an acting. Emmy for each of the shows preceding, six seasons are critic at large powers doesn't know whether she'll win number seven. But he says the has been a strangely sunny show about the darkness of politics has game of thrones builds to the final showdown with the evil Queen Searcy, Lancaster, it seems only fair to tip. Our hats to HBO's other great power hungry woman. I'm referring, of course to Selina Meyer from veep. The hilariously scabs political satire that comes to an end this Sunday. Played by. Julia Louis Dreyfuss the inept foul mouth and boundlessly selfish, Selena is surely the most groundbreaking Lee reprehensible heroin ever to front an American TV comedy, which may be why she's so much fun to watch. To be honest. I didn't like vivid first when it was about silliness powerlessness vice president but in its second season Selena began to get a sniff of power eventually she'd wind up president, albeit briefly and the show suddenly kicked into gear. It's still roaring along in season seven which finds Selena jetting from Iowa to New Hampshire to South Carolina as she seeks the presidency yet again. No is never been interested in issues or the party side of politics, Selena has not even been identified as a democrat or Republican and the show tweaks everyone if Ingela goals knee-jerk, liberals, Muslim bashers PC, lesbians, anti vaccine, it says that doing politics, especially inside the beltway is basically an unholy cross between living in barnyard and going to high school the people that attracts are horrible or become so in order to get a hit. Everybody is on principled except for the dumb ones. Of course, it's tricky for political satire to have sharp teeth voids ideology in real life figures. You never hear the name Trump, for example, or Bernie still the current season has done a witty job of folding in seems that feel relevant the media trumpeting mere rumors about candidates sibling becoming the beneficiary of foreign interference in the elections or the repellent congressman Jona Ryan played by Timothy Simon's, spawning hashtag not knee movement of women who feel violated by his claims to have dated here Selena and her campaign team try to figure out how to win the vote of less educated white voters, then have to find a way with non college educated whites. Like what appeals? Okay, what appeals to them? What do they want? Polling shows. Their main wants our jobs education, and an adequate safety speak to that finish meant to be denied.

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