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H you'd think people want to try and signed somebody of that level book some people just you know just went at the racist and i guess we are now missy sign for psi that for each show is going to be everywhere. People are gonna be. You know i. I'd love to see the people are going to be tuning into fishy matches on a daily. What in employing spoiling. No washington play flipping sit. Ntn and these nonsense teams will be sick to see. Yeah i'm looking forward to seeing a healthy european footballing landscaping journal. No and again just like seeing the fact that he's testing himself by playing in another league. It's good to see into a fan notable thing just to seem you know it's not gonna be much of a test because the legal is really up there with the league. Still you just wanna seem play against different players. We different environment. Different teammates see what happened. See what vibes eat. The such a story is interesting to eat. A longtime enemies and foes when they're playing their respective teams in buzzer madrid and now the teammates like. Oh it's going to be episode. It's going to be epic. Well said again to journal. We can't oh yeah. This is So i re watch the martian. Right ridley scott's the martian. I'm sure most of you have kind of checked out. Movie came two thousand. Fifteen is overly europe everything but it's interesting watching it nowadays visa. You what. I watched it when it came out. I think at the time you know still nowadays. I have a very incredibly interested fascinated with space shrager in interested in the space in general. I'm kind of follow loads of random youtube channels that cover everything to do spaceflight space. You know discovery of new planets will this malarkey that might go on making us a multi multi planetary species in of elon. Musk and i think when i originally was the martian the idea of being a kind of lone ranger on this motion planet after a mishap in terms of his original crew and kind of the engineering and science that went into allowing him to survive for appropriate. Time with every limited amount of russians malarkey. It just me as wow. This is exp- amazing. It's basically put into practice all stuff that i've read about in books and seen documentaries and washed on youtube videos and you're seeing this person kind of live out this entire sore fantasy impr- assists of being an astronaut and kind of again being multiple inter species and trying to establish life in a colony notice malarkey in another planet seemed just fascinated seemed mind blowing but if whoever reason watching it now it just seems so depressingly lonely it just seems so bereft of hope it just seems like it for lack of a better term torture and i wonder if it's just more so a reflection on growing up a little bit or if it's more serve reflection on this kind of post clover time we're living in where the loss when you want to see a movie about somebody in a harrowing place where they basically on their own for a prolonged period of time with little to no idea when that kind of hell is going to end right You kind of hoping other people are going to put into place. Allow you to kind of you know. won't be welcome back into society will have opportunity to come and see your family again and the amount of time that goes by. Because obviously you have to wait for sir. Govett-asia we have to wear for san rotations in terms of timing. Your leaving of the planet to you know used a gravitational opponent to come back to earth so so much time elapses right. A lot of time. Parsis between the actor of matt damon being stranded on the martian planet to when he has any hope trying to get back to earth..

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